Eat Slowly for Weight Loss

Eat Slowly for Weight Loss

Weight loss does not need to be complicated, with just one simple trick shown to make a massive difference to the numbers you see on those scales.

So, what is this weight loss trick? Well, if you eat slower then weight loss is more likely.

When you eat slowly (taking at least 20 minutes per meal) then it is certainly possible for you to experience:

  • Better digestion
  • Weight loss or maintenance
  • Greater satisfaction with meals

Lets look more closely at the benefits on offer, just by taking a little more time eating your meals.

How can eating slower help with weight loss?

There have been a number of studies that have shown that eating slower results in fewer calories being consumed overall.

The reason for this is that it takes roughly 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal from your stomach that it is full.

If you tend to rush your food then it is possible for you to overeat as your brain has not yet received that signal yet.

Eating slowly helps you enjoy your food

If you rush your food then chances are you are not taking the time to savour each mouthful.

It makes sense that if you take more time to savour each mouthful you will enjoy it more.

Eating slower aids digestion

Another benefit of eating slower is that it will aid digestion. This is because no doubt you will chew your food more thoroughly when attempting to slow down the rate that you eat, which makes it easier to digest.

The more work you put in by chewing, the less work is needed during the rest of the digestive process.

Tips to help you to eat slowly?

With each meal recommended to take at least 20 minutes you maybe looking for ways to help you eat slower, well here are some tips for you.

#1: Cut out distractions

Weight LossIf you are sitting down to eat with your smartphone in your hand, or the TV playing then chances are you not taking full notice of the food in front of you.

Switch off these distractions and focus on your food.

#2: Choose foods full of fibre

These usually take longer to chew, so will ultimately slow down the speed that you eat.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are good sources of fibre, so make sure to add these to each meal.

#3: Put your cutlery down between bites

After each bite place your cutlery to one side to savour the mouthful of mouth.

Only pick the cutlery up once you have completely finished the bite.

#4: Set a minimum number of chews

There are various studies that have shown that the optimum number of chews is 40 per bite.

This maybe too many for you, but whatever number you choose make sure the food is chewed thoroughly.

#5: If you are rushing, stop and re-focus

If you are used to rushing your food it maybe difficult to break the habit.

Therefore if you feel that you are rushing, completely stop and focus on why you need to slow down.

Hopefully these few tips will help you to slow down. The weight loss benefits of eating slowly have been shown, so make sure you make the changes to experience the benefits for yourself.


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