Are you eating too much sugar?

Are you eating too much sugar?

Once upon a time fat was the main cause of obesity and various other health problems, that is according to science. Now it seems that sugar has taken its place.

If you are worried that you are consuming too much sugar then read on as you will soon find out what will tell you if you are eating too much sugar.

#1: You are always fatigued

If you find that you are always tired and in need of a pick me up then you may be eating too much sugar.

You may find that eating too much sugar will give you a sugar high, which will give you an initial energy boost. However sugar is quickly burnt resulting in sugar lows that will lead to you reaching for even more sugary snacks.

Obviously being on this blood sugar roller coaster will not be good for your health.

#2: You crave sugar

This may not be a surprise to you but sugar is extremely addictive, therefore if you eat a lot of it you will want to eat a lot more too.

If you are constantly on the look out for your next sugar fix you need to take action and ween yourself off it.

Cut back on those refined sugars and artificial sugars and your cravings will dissipate.

#3: You have issues with your skin

Too much sugar in your diet can cause numerous skin issues including:

  • Acne
  • Dryness
  • Skin imbalances

Remember your skin reflects what is going on inside your body, therefore if you have skin issues due to too much sugar just imagine the damage it is doing to you inside.

#4: You are feeling depressed or anxious

Sugar can affect your emotions leaving you feeling both depressed and anxious.

Try giving up sugar for a week to see if your mood improves. You will soon know if it is the sugar that has caused it.

#5: You always seem to be ill

Too much sugar can suppress your immune system, which can affect its ability to deal with stress or chronic illness.

If you always seem to be getting colds perhaps the reason is your sugar intake.

#6: You have put on weight

As previously mention fat was once thought to be the main cause of obesity, which lead to various low-fat diets being created.

Now it seems that sugar is the main cause so if you have been eating a low-fat diet but were still consuming sugar perhaps it is now time to stop.

Cut back on your sugar content and see if that makes any difference to your weight, just remember that if you have more than a couple of pounds to lose then perhaps other aspects of your life will need to be taken into consideration.

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