Should you sign up for the Elite Forskolin trial?

Should you sign up for the Elite Forskolin trial?

Elite Forskolin is another dietary supplement made from the popular fat burning ingredient made popular due to its appearance on the Dr Oz Show.

There are a few questions that need to be asked about this supplement. Such as what are its ingredients, its cost, and whether it can back up its claims with hard facts?

Luckily for you in this review we will look at this supplement in more detail to answer these questions for you before you go ahead with their trial offer.

Claimed benefits of Elite Forskolin

The main claim made by Elite Forskolin is that using it could help you to “burn fat and strip away pounds fast”, this they say can be achieved even without diet and exercise. What other claims are being made:

  • Eat the foods you love
  • Transform your body quick and easy
  • Burn fat around the clock

While you would expect to experience some benefit from using a dietary supplement I would certainly be wary of those that claim to work without diet or exercise.

Even if the claim were true I would still recommend that anyone who wished to lose weight try to make some changes to their diet and exercise regimes.

Not only will you see better results but once you reach your weight loss goal you will be able to maintain the weight loss even once you stop using the supplement.

Ingredients found in Elite Forskolin

While it states that it is “positively proven in doses of 250 mg” there is actually no mention of how much forskolin is present in the Elite Forskolin formula.

It may contain this dosage, which would be great news for those wishing to lose weight so it is a little strange that they have failed to mention it.

As it stands there is no way of knowing just how effective this supplement really is.

How much does Elite Forskolin cost?

Elite Forskolin is available ‘risk free’ which does not mean free of charge.

While it is not clear what the initial cost will be (this fact is missing from the terms and conditions), what is known that once the 14-day trial has concluded you will be charged the full purchase price of $69.71.

Is Elite Forskolin a scam?

As Elite Forskolin is available risk free there will likely be those who sign up thinking they are getting a free trial when the reality is further from the truth.

There are also doubts about its effectiveness as it is not clear what this supplement contains.

All in all I would suggest that you look for an alternative, there are plenty available.

How to contact/cancel Elite Forskolin?

To contact Elite Forskolin or if you want to cancel your trial before you are charged then I suggest calling 1-844-251-4518

There is also an email address available that you may want to keep a note of just in case: support@eliteforskolin.com

If you have tried this supplement then we would love to hear what you thought about it. Please leave a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Elite Forskolin

An alternative to Elite Forskolin is Forskolin 250.

While Forskolin 250 is only slightly cheaper than Elite Forskolin ($62 instead of $69.71) it does actually contain 250 mg of forskolin in its formula.

This supplement is sold online by Evolution Slimming without the need to sign up for any trial offer or auto-ship program.

Click here to read our review of Forskolin 250!

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