4 Tips to End Stomach Bloating

4 Tips to End Stomach Bloating

With the summer fast approaching we maybe trying our best to lose a few pounds ready for our holiday or those days at the beach.

Of course diet and exercise is good for losing a few of those excess pounds, but what can you do about the dreaded bloated stomach?

For some of us, this can make us look as though we are fatter than we really are, which is something no one wants to experience. Especially when we are in our swimming costume.

Luckily for you we have some tips to end stomach bloating once and for all. Read on to discover what you need to do:

#1: Don’t drastically increase your intake of fibre

While fibre is good for your digestive system and for weight loss, however for some it is the reason why they suffer from stomach bloating.

Fibre is slow to digest and if you are currently not eating much of it then drastically increase the amount you eat can cause you to look and feel larger and more uncomfortable.

If you want to experience the benefits of fibre then you will need to slowly increase your intake.

#2: Watch those food pairings

Certain types of food when consumed together can conflict with one another, causing bloating, exhaustion and an upset stomach.

The reason why this occurs is that your body releases different enzymes to help digest the different types of food. Unfortunately our bodies can only digest one type at a time, which will leave the other in your stomach where it will start to release toxins.

It is these toxins that make you feel bad.

BloatingHere are some tips to avoid choosing the wrong food pairings:

  1. Our bodies can only digest 1 concentrated non-water food at a time.
  2. Proteins and starches don’t mix.
  3. Vegetables are ok as they are neutral.
  4. Mixing 2 types of starch is okay.
  5. You shouldn’t mix animal proteins.
  6. You should eat fruit on an empty stomach.

#3: Exercise in the morning

If you digestive system is not working as it should one tip I can give you would be to try a little exercise in the morning.

Even a little light stretching can help to get your digestion started, which will help to relieve any bloating you are experiencing.

#4: Avoid irritants like dairy and gluten

Many of us are unable to digest dairy and gluten, which can cause bloating to occur.

If you find that you are often bloated after eating or drinking a dairy product then perhaps you are lactose intolerant.

I would speak to your doctor if you believe this to be the case. Then it is a case of reading the labels of any potential food purchases to check whether it contains dairy or not.

You would be surprised at just how many of your favourite foods maybe causing you a problem.

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