6 Tips to Help End Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

6 Tips to Help End Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

If you are in a cycle of losing weight then regaining it shortly afterwards then you need to take steps to end this period of yo-yo dieting.

So what can you do? Here are some tips that will help you lose those excess pounds and ensure you do not regain them immediately after.

#1: Take measurements and photos of your progress

To check your progress it is worth weighing yourself at least once a week, not only will this show you if you have lost any weight, but if you track your progress will also serve as an inspiration to look back on when you are feeling down about your lack of progress.

I would also recommend taking regular photos too, as a visual representation of how far you have come will be more motivational than simply looking at numbers.

#2: Eat more often

Skipping meals is certainly not the best way to reach your weight loss goals, in fact it may hinder your overall efforts.

You may think that skipping meals would help as you would be consuming fewer calories, but probably you would overcompensate at your next mealtime, and in reality would consume many more calories.

Also, when you starve yourself you will find that your metabolism will slow, which is bad news as the slower your metabolism the fewer calories you will be able to burn.

What I would suggest though would be to eat more often, perhaps cut down the portion sizes of your main meals, but add a couple of healthy snacks between them.

Doing so will help to cut your food cravings and will keep your metabolism burning throughout the day.

#3: Download a fitness app

In the past I would have recommended keeping a food diary, which you would use to write down everything that you consumed.

You could then look back at this at the end of the day to see how many calories you had consumed.

Nowadays there are apps available for your smartphone that can do this job for you. One of the most popular is My Fitness Pal.

When you monitor your food and drink consumption you will be able to look back to see if any changes need to be made. In particular if you gained weight that week.

#4: Understand your triggers

No doubt there are things that cause you to eat. Perhaps it is stress from work, or relationship or family issues.

Yo-Yo DietingWhatever the reason, once you have identified them you can take the steps required to manage them.

If you do not identify them then these triggers will only end up derailing your efforts, which will lead to more yo yo dieting again.

#5: Be prepared

In this day and age we all tend to struggle for time, which can put our weight loss efforts at risk.

Not only will you find less time to workout, but if you are not careful you may not be able to eat as healthily as you should.

My suggestion to you would be to try and be prepared for these set-backs.

You could pre-prepare some healthy meals to re-heat when you are stuck for time for example. This would save you having to buy a takeaway or a microwave meal.

#6: Get some sleep

A lack of sleep can have a serious impact on your weight loss efforts as less than the recommended 7 hours per night could leave your hormones affected.

This can lead to food cravings and the inability to burn fat, which is definitely not something you want occurring regularly if weight loss is your goal.

Well, I hope these few tips have given you the ammunition you need to beat yo-yo dieting. Losing weight is hard, but for some keeping the weight off long-term is the real challenge.


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