Energy Foods that Actually Make You Tired

Energy Foods that Actually Make You Tired

Sometimes when you are feeling tired and run down you will turn to food that you think will give you a quick burst of energy.

Unfortunately some of these foods may actually leave you feeling more tired than you were before.

If you value your health and are perhaps trying to lose a few pounds these foods may also prompt weight gain, so beware of their risks.

Read on to discover which energy foods are best avoided, or at least only consumed in moderation.

#1: Coffee

While it is proven that coffee will boost your energy levels, this energy boost will likely only last around 30-60 minutes. After which time you will feel just as tired as before.

What you need to beware of though is the sugar and cream you have added to your coffee, as these contain calories obviously that consumed in excess will result in weight gain occurring.

My suggestion to you would be to drink your coffee black. That way you can experience the energy boost without those excess calories.

#2: Diet Soft Drinks

These are often consumed as a ‘healthy’ alternative to regular soft drinks that contain sugar.

Unfortunately as they are made using sweeteners you wont experience the initial boost of energy that a sugar-filled soft drink will.

What will occur though is that your body will realise that it has not received any sugar, despite tasting something sweet, which will therefore result in cravings for sweet foods that do contain sugar.

While I most certainly would not recommend regular soft drinks, diet soft drinks are not the healthy option they are made out to be.

#3: Fast Food

If you value your health then I most certainly would not recommend fast food as a way to boost your energy levels.

While the sugar content will give you an initial boost, this will only be for a short time, what will occur though is that the blood sugar spike you experience will fall drastically, which will then result in cravings for more sugary fast food.

Fast food is also full of saturated fats and salt too, which is certainly not healthy for you.

#4: Biscuits

We have all done it when you have felt tired, gone to the cupboard to grab a packet of biscuit to go with our tea or coffee.

Unfortunately, despite what we may think, these biscuits are certainly not a solution for our lack of energy.

The white flour, hydrogenated fats and sugars will cause a blood sugar spike, which will give our energy levels an initial boost, but this is short-lived as you will soon crash.

Regularly eating biscuits or other foods with this ingredient combination will also have an impact on your insulin levels too. Causing high insulin production to occur, which in turn will result in excess fat being stored, along with fatigue and low energy levels.

#5: Energy Drinks

We have all seen the adverts of the leading energy drinks, and how they apparently boost the energy levels of elite athletes.

Energy DrinksWell, the reality is that this is a short term boost that for an average person will not be of any use.

What will occur though is that you will be drastically increasing your calorie intake, as most of these energy drinks are jam-packed with added sugar.

If you want to avoid weight gain I recommend avoiding these energy drinks, or at the very least drink them with moderation.

#6: Two-Minute Noodles

Many of us have a packet or two of these quick meals hidden away in our kitchen cupboard, after-all they are ideal for when you are busy and have no time to make a meal from scratch.

However, it may be a better idea for you to throw them out if you value your health.

These quick meals are full of salt and sugar, which may cause an initial boost of energy but as mentioned a few times already this is only a short-term boost.

What will occur though thanks to the salt and sugar content, is that you will suffer further cravings, plus will be more likely to experience fluid retention and bloating. Fatigue is also very likely so you are probably going to feel more tired than before your supposed “pick-me-up”.

Healthy Ways to Boost Energy Levels

Rather than reaching for those so-called energy foods the following methods will help to boost your energy levels in a healthy way:

  1. Go for a walk – A 10 minute walk can energise you for 2 hours
  2. Laugh – This can raise blood pressure and boost your heart rate. Giving you that much-needed lift
  3. Snack on chia seeds – These are full of B vitamins, fibre and protein, that can give you a boost with the jitters associated with caffeine
  4. Stretch – There is a reason why you stretch when you yawn. It can stimulate your sympathetic nervous system, therefore giving you a boost of energy
  5. Eat more fish – Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish can give your mind a much needed lift

With your new found energy there is nothing to stop you from getting up and going to the gym, you know how important both diet and exercise is to your weight loss goals and your overall health.

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