Everyday items to help reach your weight loss goal

Everyday items to help reach your weight loss goal

If you ultimate aim is to drop a few pounds then you will need to take those much needed steps to make your task that much easier.

Here are a list of everyday items that you should be able to find around your home that will make losing weight infinitely easier to achieve.

#1 – Sticky notes

You can use sticky notes to motivate yourself. For example you could write down 5 reasons why you want to lose weight (nicer clothes, more energy, love life etc), which you will be able to stick on a fridge or store in your purse for whenever you are feeling less motivated.

#2 – Pre-measured serving bowl

Portion control is important if you want to lose weight as you do not need to be eating more than your body needs.

A pre-measured serving bowl will help to measure your portion sizes beforehand.

#3 – Small plates

There are a couple of weight loss benefits to eating from a small plate.

For a start you wont physically be able to fill it as much as a larger plate, meaning you are forced to eat less, therefore cutting your food and calorie intake.

Did you know that eating from a 10-inch plate rather than a 12-inch one would result in you consuming 22% less?

The use of a smaller plate will also subconsciously make your meals look bigger and therefore more filling when you eat the meal.

#4 – Grater

Instead of cutting large chunks of milder cheese, buy a stronger version but use a cheese grater to grate over salad, soup or pasta.

Therefore you will get more flavour but will be consuming less cheese, which will result in fewer calories and fat being consumed during these meals.

#5 – Oil mister

Instead of reaching for the high calorie condiments like tomato ketchup, add a bit more taste to your food by buying an oil mister.

What you should do is put some dried herbs into the oil, which can then be sprayed over your food.

#6 – DVR Remote (Sky Plus)

By giving yourself the ability to skip all those food commercials you are removing the temptation that they create.

If you still get tempted you should choose a healthy snack instead of those full of calories, sugars and fats.

Snacks such as low-fat popcorn or unsalted nuts are great options to cut cravings while watching your favourite television shows.

#7 – Photo frame

If you have an empty photo frame laying about why not put an old picture of yourself in it from when you were a healthier size.

The reason for this is to inspire you that you can reach your goals as you have done so previously.

Alternatively you could add a picture of a celebrity body that you aspire to.

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