Everything you need to know about Raspberry Ketones

Everything you need to know about Raspberry Ketones

Following its appearance on the Doctor Oz Show back in 2012 there has been an incredibly rise in diet products containing this ingredient.

Lets find out everything you will ever need to know about this wonderful ingredient:

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones are an enzyme found within red raspberries. Originally it was used to provide the fragrance for many of the worlds perfumes.

These days Raspberry Ketones are added to different diet supplements as it has been proven to burn fat.

Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketone benefitsRaspberry Ketones can help to break down stored body fat and burn it, which will obviously help any weight issues you are currently battling.

How do Raspberry Ketones work?

Raspberry Ketones can cause your body to increase its production of the hormone Adiponectin that can cause your metabolism to increase.

When your metabolism increases you will be able to burn more calories and will break down and burn stored body fat.

Do Raspberry Ketones work?

Although no human studies on the affect of Raspberry Ketones have been performed there have been promising studies showing its effects on mice.

The 2005 study published in the journal Life Sciences showed that Raspberry Ketones prevented weight gain in mice that were fed a high-fat diet.

These mice also did not experience any gain in visceral fat (belly fat) surrounding their organs.

There have also been other studies showing how Raspberry Ketones could increase the breakdown of lipids (fat molecules). This study was published in the 2010 journal Planta Medica.

How to take Raspberry Ketones?

The best way to take Raspberry Ketones is with a supplement.

You would need to eat 90 pounds of Raspberries to experience the benefits, which is simply not realistic.

What is the recommended daily dosage of Raspberry Ketones?

It is recommended that you consume 200 mg of Raspberry Ketones daily to experience its full benefits.

You should not consume more than this amount as the Institute of Optimum Nutrition has indicated that taking more than this amount β€œcould pose a danger for those with underlying health conditions”.

Do Raspberry Ketones contain caffeine?

Raspberry Ketones does not contain caffeine, or any other stimulants. Therefore making it much safer to take.

Are Raspberry Ketones safe?

Although research on Raspberry Ketones is still in its infancy, it has been used in perfumes and for flavouring for years and is recognised as being safe.

Side effects of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones are chemically related to a stimulant known as synephrine so it is possible that some side effects may be experienced.

Although extremely rare, these include the jitters, headaches, increased blood pressure and a rapid heart beat.

Safe Raspberry KetonesDo Raspberry Ketones raise blood pressure?

It is possible that taking a Raspberry Ketone supplement could cause a rise in your blood pressure.

Therefore those with an already high blood pressure are advised not to take a supplement containing this ingredient.

Do Raspberry Ketones affect blood sugar levels?

Taking a Raspberry Ketone supplement could lower your blood sugar levels, which is a good thing for most. However if you have diabetes you should make sure you are monitored closely.

Do Raspberry Ketones affect birth control?

Although Raspberry Ketones should not cause any issue with birth control it is always best to speak to your doctor or health professional just to be sure.

Do Raspberry Ketones cause acne?

It is very doubtful that using a supplement containing Raspberry Ketones can cause acne. If you experience any side effect like this then please stop using the supplement immediately.

Do Raspberry Ketones cause diarrhoea?

Even though it is highly unlikely that you suffer diarrhoea. If you do experience any side effects such as this then you should avoid using it in the future.

Do Raspberry Ketones cause insomnia?

Despite not containing caffeine there is a small risk that Raspberry Ketones will cause you to suffer from insomnia.

To avoid this it is advised not to take any supplement too late in the day.

Will Raspberry Ketones make you nauseous?

Again, even though no caffeine is present you may be unfortunate to suffer nausea while using Raspberry Ketones.

Most people suffer no ill effect, but if you are one of the unfortunate ones then please stop your use immediately.

FDA approved Raspberry Ketones

Although the FDA do not review diet supplements they have categorised Raspberry Ketones as being GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) since the 1960s.

Where to buy Raspberry Ketones?

There are many places that you can buy a Raspberry Ketone supplement.

Raspberry Ketone PlusYou may be able to buy it in your local pharmacy or health food shop, as well as the many hundreds of stockists available online.

Whatever you do avoid signing up for any free trials, as they are likely to be too good to be true.

Which Raspberry Ketone supplement is best?

The Raspberry Ketone supplement that comes the most highly recommended is Raspberry Ketone Plus.

It contains the recommended daily allowance of Raspberry Ketones (200 mg) so you will experience the full health benefits of this fruit.

This supplement is also affordable and considerably cheaper than many other supplements on the market at only Β£19.95 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

47 comments on "Everything you need to know about Raspberry Ketones"
  1. Does Raspberry Ketone affect contraception pills?

    Reply ↓
    • Hello Nazia.

      It is always best to speak to your doctor with such questions as they will know more about what types of contraception you are using and whether using a dietary supplement will affect it. πŸ™‚

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  2. How long before a meal should you take them ?

    Reply ↓
  3. Will it affect myself of getting pregnant?

    Reply ↓
  4. How long do you take them for?

    Reply ↓
  5. Do you open the capsule and take the powder? Or do you swallow the capsule? And do you take it with water?

    Reply ↓
  6. When you stop using these will you put weight straight back on again?

    Reply ↓
    • If you start eating unhealthily and stop working out then of course the weight will come back. These supplements are designed to help you reach a goal, and hopefully along the way your own habits will change for the better, which will allow you to keep the weight off long-term.

      Reply ↓
  7. I have bought these, and they do contain caffeine? 25mg per capsule. I bought this exact brand and it says it on the side of the box. 25mg is a safe amount of caffeine- so why say there is no caffeine in them? Also I have been on them for 4 days now and have lost 6 lbs so I am super happy!

    Reply ↓
    • There are numerous Raspberry Ketone products available. Some contain caffeine and some don’t. The actual Ketones do not contain any caffeine themselves, this is added to the formula of the supplement in some cases.

      Reply ↓
  8. This was so informative!! Thanks, I loved it. I’ve been losing weight without the help of any type of supplement for the last months and almost reach my goal but I have a like 6 pounds that just won’t go away!! I’ma give these a try and we’ll see. πŸ™‚

    Reply ↓
  9. i bought raspberry ketone (very cheap) that state it contain 500mg. you state you should only take 200 per day. this one is made by muscle body llc. am I in danger. I only planned on taking two a day as per the instructions. please advise.

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  10. I am 16 and overweight can I take the raspberry ketone

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  11. Is your heartrate in danger? Because it says that your heart rate goes up?

    Reply ↓
    • There should be no risk unless you have an existing condition. This is why it is always recommended to check with your doctor before using any supplement or starting any new fitness regime. πŸ™‚

      Reply ↓
  12. Hi I went to Holland nd Barrett and to buy raspberry ketones but while I was there the woman told me I needed to take colon cleanse aswell so I started to take them and within a couple of days I had diarrhia should that be happening

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  13. how much liquids in a day do you recommend taking whilst on raspberry keystones?

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    • I would recommend drinking 8 glasses of water daily, whether you are taking Raspberry Ketones or not. Water is a great way to boost health and lose weight, there are so many benefits.

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  14. I bought 400mg tablets off ebay, made by a company called Nutriodol. It states ‘High Strength 4000mg’ but each tablet contains 400mg. It says take 2 before breakfast on an empty stomach. Been on them for 2 weeks now, gained 5lb in my first week and lost 3lbs this week. Are they TOO strong? As the recommended dose is 200mg, I’m going to take one half at b/fast and one half at lunch, so one tablet a day not 2. Im drinking close to 4L of water a day! How water and lemon upon waking, black coffee with b/fast and then either warm of cold water all day until evening then I have either green tea or camomile tea before bed. Am I drinking TOO much water? Im about to re-enrol with Slimming World after losing 3 stone with them a few years ago, Im now 11st 10lb and have pretty much maintained (give or take a few lbs) since going from 15st (size 20) to 12st in 2012. My goal is 10st as I’m 5ft 6, and hopefully a size 10 at that weight. Ive been a 14 now for 4 years. Would this be safe to do? I don’t want to overload my body but Im a holistic lass who just won’t put ‘chemicals’ in her body. Its not healthy. There’s an array of flora in the world to prevent. cure, and heal everything. Its worked for me all my life. Ive never taken a paracetamol, an antibiotic, never had a script from dr’s, nothing…all natural and herbal.

    Reply ↓
    • That is quite a swing, gaining 5lb only to lose 3lb the following week. I would suggest making a note of what you are eating, perhaps that will give you a clue as to how you are seeing these results.

      Reply ↓
  15. Hi I’ve been taking rasberry keystone for 5 days, then I started to become breathless could this be the keytoned. I have recently had a check up on my health. My blood pressure it the best it can be and my lung capacity is 123% at the ripe old age off 55 lol

    Reply ↓
  16. Hi, I bought raspberry ketone as a dietary supplement but it’s from (herbal doctors) and its 400 mg. I take it now for 2 weeks and I lost 2 kg. I plan to lose 10 kg of belly fats, but since I started using it I have a diarrhea like 2-4 times a day. Shall I continue using it or stop. Thanks.

    Reply ↓
    • I doubt that it is the raspberry ketones causing the diarrhea, but if there maybe another ingredient in the supplement that is causing this reaction. I suggest you stop using the product.

      Reply ↓
  17. Hi I have been taking raspberry keystone for around 2 weeks I have lost a couple of pound, I’m very active I run play a lot of sport, I eat healthy, and I go too slimming club anyway! To start with I felt OK using them but now I feel my heart is racing a lot , I also feel very hot! Do you think it’s best too come off them? Thank you

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  18. Can you empty the supplement into water and take it that way, I just can not seem to take the tablet?

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  19. Hi , iβ€žm 28 married , if i take these pills and decided to get pregnant someday ,so ; can these pills be a possible to be a hindrance for pregnancy? Thanks

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  20. How yo take these pills? befor or after meal?

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  21. itis not wrotin .. it sayes just 2 pills its not say befor or after the meals .. but thnx ..

    Reply ↓
  22. Hello I’ve just started taking these pills it says take 2 pills daily with food. I’ve been taking 2 every morning with breakfast but looking at some of these comments should I be only taking one and then another later in the day?

    Reply ↓
    • I would recommend following the dosage instructions provided on the bottle. There are a variety of supplements available, many of which have different ingredients and dosages.

      Reply ↓
  23. Can i take 1 capsule before dinner instead of taking 1 at lunch time.

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