What is the Exante Diet?

What is the Exante Diet?

The Exante Diet is a low calorie meal replacement diet that is claimed to be easy to follow yet will result in fast weight loss.

Meal replacement diets are nothing new, with Slim Fast for example still a popular choice among dieters across the globe. So what sets the Exante Diet apart from its competitors and should you try it for yourself?

How does the Exante Diet work?

The Exante Diet is a very low calorie meal replacement diet (VLCD) that involves you replacing your everyday meals with their specially formulated low calorie replacements.

The aim of the Exante Diet is to ensure your body goes into a state of ‘Ketosis’, which is when your body consumes fewer calories than it requires resulting in a calorie deficit.

Within 2-4 days of this occurring your body will start to burn its fat reserves to produce the energy you need to function.

The 3 main diet plans offered by the Exante Diet are:

The Total Solution

This particular solution is aimed at those with a BMI of over 25 who are otherwise fit and healthy but have been recommended to lose weight by their doctor.

Exante Diet plansBy consuming 3 Exante Diet meal replacement products a day you will be consuming the equivalent of 600 calories, which as you can imagine will result in a huge calorie deficit and therefore weight will be lost almost immediately.

When undertaking the Total Solution you should only do it for 3 weeks at a time.

It is recommended that you have a ‘Low Calorie Week’ where you can still consume the Exante Diet products but should also consume another 200 calories from other foods.

The Working Solution

The Working Solution again involves replacing your daily meals with 3 Exante products, but you should also eat around 400 calories every day.

This solution is also aimed at those with a BMI above 25, but will not result in such extreme weight loss results.

The Simple Solution

The third diet plan offered by the Exante Diet is called the Simple Solution. For this particular diet plan you will be asked to consume 3 products, plus eat another 600 calories everyday.

This solution is aimed at those with a BMI above 20 so is less extreme again.

For each of the plans the extra calories do not have to be eaten in one go and can be spread out over the day, allowing you flexibility to eat whenever you want.

What products are available on the Exante Diet?

There are a range of products available on the Exante Diet including diet shakes, soups, bars and food packs all in a range of flavours.

Exante Shakes come in the following flavours: Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana and Chocolate.

Exante Soups: Tomato & Basil, Mushroom, Vegetable and Thai Chicken.

Exante Bars: Chocolate Orange and Toffee, Nut and Raisin.

There are also sachets of porridge oats, pasta carbonara and various other ready meals available.

Exante Diet products

Problems with the Exante Diet?

VLCDs such as the Exante Diet are not for everybody, and are generally only recommended for people with a high BMI and then only under supervision.

They are certainly not recommended for a long time as there is an increased risk of side effects after 4 weeks of continued use.

People on a VLCD for over 4 weeks have reported side effects such as fatigue, nausea, constipation and diarrhoea.

There is also the fact that traditionally you would not be taking in enough of the nutrients you need to stay healthy on a VCLD (although this is not the case with the Exante Diet as each product contains a wide variety of extra vitamins and minerals).

If used sensibly and using the proper instructions then there is little doubt that the products offered by Exante will aid your weight loss efforts.

Can you use the Exante Diet alongside Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting diets such as the 5:2 Diet are particularly popular at the moment with around 1 million Britons trying it in 2013.

Eating a normal healthy diet for 5 days of the week and fasting for the remaining 2 (consume 500-600 calories per day) has been shown to significantly help with weight loss.

With the Exante Diet you can still eat normally for those 5 days, but on those fasting days instead of struggling to find foods that will ward off those annoying hunger cravings, instead try some of the products they have on offer.

Should you try the Exante Diet?

If you are struggling with your weight and your BMI is high then this diet will certainly help.

Even if you only want to lose a few pounds you can buy a couple of products to use alongside your own methods. For instance alongside the 5:2 Diet.

The diet itself is the cheapest meal replacement diet in the UK and the plans are simple enough for anyone to follow.

Frankie Essex uses the Exante Diet

Former TOWIE star Frankie Essex has spoken about how she has lost 2 stone after replacing her usual high-calorie meals with the low-calorie alternatives offered by the Exante Diet.

“I would recommend the diet to anyone trying to lose weight for a holiday, their wedding and also those who have lost their confidence and feel that losing weight would help them.”

Frankie Essex weight loss

How much does the Exante Diet cost?

Individual products in the Exante range start at £2.49. However, for bigger savings you should check out their bumper packs that work out at as little as £3.87 per day.

Exante Diet Coupon Codes

The following will give you a discount off the RRP of various Exante Diet products:

July – 12% off site – Code: PAYDOT12

August – 15% off shakes – Code: PAYDOTSH

September – 15% of when spend £75 – Code: PAYDOT75

Click here to see what products are available on the Exante Diet

5 comments on "What is the Exante Diet?"
  1. Hallo!
    I would love to try your diet!

    • Sanita, I tried it and the food was disgusting, I couldn’t stand the taste! Much better diets out there that dont make you want to vomit everytime you smell or taste the stuff!

      • Couldnt disagree more. Found the food on the whole to be quite nice.. of course there are a few dodgy ones but some are real nice. A particular fave of mine is the pasta carbonara.

        Been using this diet for around 6 weeks now and have lost 18 pounds which I cant complain about. 🙂

  2. Bought a few shakes and was pleasantly surpised at how nice they tasted. Might try a couple of meals next.

  3. I tried it. Worked well, but lack of assistance & support when it went wrong meant a couple of hospital visits and had to eat “real food” until it all settled down.
    I now have £250 of their shakes & food which is out of date & they refuse point blank to refund or even make a gesture.

    I will not buy their product again, I will try a company who have some level of support for advice when things start going wrong.
    VLCD is clearly more complex than they make out, it has side effects you should be aware of, but no-one ever seems to mention them.

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