5 Exercise Myths that You Need to Know

5 Exercise Myths that You Need to Know

There are 2 aspects of weight loss that you need to do in order to be successful. You need to get your diet right, and you need to exercise regularly.

Unfortunately when it comes to exercise there are a few myths that you may believe that may not be helping your efforts. Read on to discover some of these exercise myths and learn what you should be doing instead to reach your weight loss goals.

Exercise myth #1: Crunches will flatten your stomach

While crunches will strengthen your core muscles they are certainly not the best exercise for your abs.

A better exercise for your abs would be the plank, as this will work all your core muscles as well as your glutes.

However, what you need to be aware of is that if your stomach has a layer of fat covering it then you will not see the benefit of these ab exercises. At least not until you lose some of this fat.

Exercise myth #2: Lifting weights will make you look masculine

At the gym you will notice that it is often only the men that you see lifting weights, while the women tend to stick to more cardio-based machines.

Why is that? Well, some believe that if they lift weights then they will become more masculine as they will develop bulky muscles.

This is not the case though as the female body has not enough testosterone to promote these huge muscle gains.

What will happen though is that you will become more toned, and will find that you will be able to burn more calories both at the gym and while you are at home.

Research has shown that after a muscle building workout your body will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours post-workout.

Building muscle in general will also aid your weight loss efforts as muscle will burn more calories than fat even when you are resting.

Exercise myth #3: You need lots of time to workout

We all lead busy lives these days, which you may believe means that you do not have enough time to workout.

HIITWell, you no longer need to spend an hour at the gym to experience a good workout. Nowadays you can get just as good a workout (if not better) by performing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

With these HIIT workouts you will only need a few minutes, but during this time you will be giving your all with very short rest breaks.

Exercise myth #4: You focus on calories burnt

When you workout you will no doubt have noticed the machines stating how many calories you have burnt.

Well, this is not likely to be very accurate as we are all different and will burn calories at different rates.

What you should be more concerned with is that exercise will help to improve your overall health.

Exercise myth #5: You should be in pain when working out

While you should certainly feel a little uncomfortable when working out, after-all you should be challenging yourself to see the best results.

However you most certainly should not experience real (sharp) pain as this could be a warning sign that you have injured yourself, which could potentially lead to a term of inactivity.

You need to enjoy exercise if you want to perform it regularly, so pushing yourself to injury is just silly.

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