Extreme Cleanse Formula SCAM Report

Extreme Cleanse Formula SCAM Report

The Extreme Cleanse Formula is a supplement that is supposed to help give your body a thorough detox. In fact it makes the claim to be the “best aid to a clean body”, but can it do what it claims to be able to do?

Of the bat I can already see an issue, as it is available for trial does this automatically mean that this is going to be another auto-ship scam?

I would recommend that we look at this supplement in more detail before we jump to any conclusions.

Claims made by Extreme Cleanse Formula

The Extreme Cleanse Formula claims to offer the following benefits:

  • Remove toxins from your body
  • Enjoy life to the fullest
  • Transform your body easily

Ingredients used in Extreme Cleanse Formula

Although Extreme Cleanse Formula is made using some impressive ingredients there is no mention of their dosages.

Preferably we would like to see a product label, but this is unavailable along with any dosage information.

Therefore despite containing ingredients such as Acai Berry, Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea and African Mango doubts remain regarding both this supplements effectiveness and whether it is safe or not.

Cost of Extreme Cleanse Formula

Although Extreme Cleanse Formula is offered risk-free with no shipping cost this is an outright lie as the cost for delivery is actually $4.95.

Even though this initial cost is low they should not make statements that there is no shipping cost if this is not the case.

You will soon find that the shipping cost is not the only cost you will be expected to pay after signing up for this trial offer as just 14 days after your initial sign up you will be charged $69.95, which is quite extraordinary.

As Extreme Cleanse Formula is an auto-ship program this wont be the end of the charges either as you will be charged every month thereafter for the privilege of receiving the supplement.

Is Extreme Cleanse Formula a scam?

Unfortunately like so many other trial offers we have reviewed there is very little to recommend about the Extreme Cleanse Formula.

It may use some good ingredients but a lack of ingredient information leaves me with serious doubts about its effectiveness.

The final straw is the high cost of the supplement. There are numerous alternatives that you can buy online that cost a fraction of its cost. I would suggest that you look at one of those if you are serious about giving your body a good detox.

Contact details for Extreme Cleanse Formula

If you wish to cancel your trial you will need to contact Extreme Cleanse Formula using the following information:

Phone: 866-549-7176
Email: info@cleansedieting.com

Please leave a message below if you have trialled this particular supplement, we would love to hear from you.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Extreme Cleanse Formula

Our recommended alternative to the Extreme Cleanse Formula would be another colon cleanser that goes by the name of Detox Plus.

This particular supplement is available from Evolution Slimming for $30 for a months supply and has been shown to help cleanse your body of those unwanted toxins.

As it is unavailable for trial there are no unwanted hidden or repeat charges. The price you see onsite is the price you will pay.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

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