Extreme dieting with the weight loss tongue patch

Extreme dieting with the weight loss tongue patch

One of the latest and more extreme methods of weight loss is a plastic patch sewn directly onto the tongue.

This ‘miracle’ patch is said to make eating solid food so painful that the user will have to resort to eating a liquid only diet.

Nikolas Chugay the plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills who originally launched this patch back in 2009 claims that you could lose as much as 30lbs in just a month, yet not without having to suffer from some pretty nasty side effects.

What kind of side effects have been reported?

First as you would expect with any kind of surgery on the tongue it is likely to swell so you may have trouble with your speech.

Tongue patchOther patients have reported that they have had trouble sleeping and some have even been unable to move their tongue at all after the surgery.

Finally as the tongue tissue will start to grow back and become incorporated with the tongue then this solution is only viable for a single month.

Despite these issues there are still those lining up to have this procedure. No doubt thanks to the claims made by Dr Chugay that his patch ‘maximizes weight loss results’.

How much does this patch cost?

If you wanted this procedure then it is likely to cost $2,000 at Dr Chugay’s Los Angeles clinic, though there are those who are spending considerably less on the very same surgery.

Many women in Venezuela for example can get this patch for just $150. No wonder there are claims that hundreds of women have received this painful procedure in an effort to lose weight.

In our opinion there have got to be a better ways to lose weight than this. Having to endure pain every time you eat may give you results but at what cost.

Not only is the 800 calorie a day liquid diet dangerous and unlikely to provide you with the nutritional needs you require, but this is an incredibly expensive procedure that only lasts for a month maximum.

You will find that any weight lost during this month will return with interest once you start eating as you did before.

To lose weight and keep it off long term you need to make healthier lifestyle choices, start eating a healthier diet full of protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, while making sure you get a bit more exercise than you do currently.

You really should not risk your long term health for short term weight loss.

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