4 Extreme Diets to Avoid in 2017

4 Extreme Diets to Avoid in 2017

If you have made the decisions to lose weight in 2017 but have failed to lose weight in previous years then you maybe tempted by one of those extreme diets touted by so-called experts.

Despite their claimed results, there are potential health dangers to consider.

Even if you are desperate you should always thoroughly research any potential diets before you undertake them.

Here are some extreme diets that you would be best avoiding?

Extreme Diet #1: Crash diets and starving

Starving yourself wont help with your weight loss efforts, so any diet that promotes drastic calorie cutting or the restriction of entire food groups is probably best avoided.

When you starve yourself you may lose weight to begin, but before long your body will take steps to stop weight from being lost.

You will find that your metabolism will stall, which means that you will no longer be burning calories from fat.

Instead your body will turn to your muscle mass for energy, and as this is broken down your metabolism will slow even further.

Another issue with these types of diet is that they are hard to stick to. Not only will you feel hungry almost constantly, but they are not fun either.

To stick to a diet long-term it needs to be exciting. You are not going to be able to stick to a diet if it is boring.

Extreme Diet #2: Liquid diets

As with the starvation diets, relying on milk shakes and juices is not a good idea.

Again, you may lose weight to start but these diets are not designed for long-term results.

These products are often expensive too, and once you start eating a normal diet again any weight lost will quickly return.

Rather than skipping meals you would see better results eating a healthy diet with sensible portion sizes.

Extreme Diet #3: Detoxes

These detox diets are claimed to help eliminate harmful toxins from your body, yet some of these diets are over-complicated and often encourage the banning of certain food groups.

For good health a balanced diet is necessary, which means all types of food should be eaten.

Junk foodOf course you should cut back on processed junk food, this is not a food group so it is ok to cut back on them.

This means that fewer saturated fats, sugar and salt is being consumed, so weight loss and better health will be promoted.

If you don’t eat any toxins, then why would you need to detox?

Extreme Diet #4: Carb-free diets

Carb-free diets are extremely popular at the moment, but again I would not recommend cutting carbs entirely from your entire.

Carbohydrates are an essential part of your diet and are needed for energy as well as a number of other bodily functions.

This is not to say that all carbs are good, you should certainly think about cutting back on refined carbs such as sugar, white bread and sugary cereals.

You should instead opt for carbs such as whole grains, wholemeal breads, high bran cereals and oats.


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