Fad Diets Don’t Work

Fad Diets Don’t Work

Every so often we look in the mirror to see how good we look. The usual thought is “look how much weight I have put on”, the usual plan of action is to stop junk food completely before spending the next day or two looking for the latest dieting craze or eating plan.

The first thing people do once they realise they have put on weight is to panic and to look for the quickest way to lose the excess weight.

This is a big mistake. A quick fix is just that and will not help the original problem of why you gained the weight to go away.

Instead of choosing the latest diet that will help you lose an incredible amount of weight, try choosing a diet that takes a little longer that is not quite so hard on you.

These “lose weight quickly” diets are mostly based on losing body water. This is a stupid idea, as you will be putting the weight back on as soon as you have a drink. You are not trying to lose water but body fat, so it is best to stay clear from these diets.

A good diet takes time, so only losing a pound a week is actually a good rate.

If you lose three or more pounds per week, although it sounds great you are bound to be losing lean tissues as well as fat. The basic idea is that the faster your weight loss, the more muscle mass you will lose.

The more muscle mass a person has the faster their metabolism will be, so less food is stored as fat. However if the diet makes you lose muscle mass, then your metabolism will decrease so the fat built up in your body will burn slower.

As you can see a bad diet makes it harder for you to lose weight. Your metabolism has to work so it is best not to starve yourself if you want to lose weight.

Eating healthy food is essential, as you will need the calories to give the body the energy it needs to keep going through the diet. There is a difference from feeling hungry and feeling starving due to not getting enough calories.

If you go to the gym or workout you will need to eat enough food to give you the energy to keep going. It is not good going to workout if you have not got enough energy to stand up.

A lack of nutrients is another major issue associated with fad diets. With many suggesting the cutting of entire food groups.

Believe it or not but your body requires a vast array of nutrients, even fats. So cutting them is certainly not recommended if your overall health is important to you.

The next time you want to choose a diet, make sure you choose sensibly. There is a big difference between dieting and starvation.


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