5 New Fad Diets for 2015

5 New Fad Diets for 2015

It seems that every month there are new diets being created, with some being best avoided.

Often they will involve cutting entire food groups from your diet, which is never a good idea as it could be dangerous to your long-term health as your body requires certain nutrients (even fat) to remain healthy and working in tip-top condition.

Below you will find 5 fad diets for 2015 that you should probably avoid if you value your health.

#1: The ‘Monomeal Diet

Created by Australian diet expert Freelee, the Monomeal Diet is a raw vegan-based diet that only allows you to eat one kind of food at any time.

This means that those who are on this diet must stick to one food type; for instance apples for breakfast, nuts for lunch and watermelon for dinner.

The advocates of this diet even suggest eating just the one food type for weeks and even months.

As already mentioned your body needs nutrients from a balanced-diet so eating a Monomeal Diet is unlikely to provide yourself with what it needs to stay healthy.

My suggestion would be to avoid this diet, you could put yourself at risk of serious harm.

#2: The ‘Up Day Down Day Diet

Those who take part in this diet are allowed to eat whatever they want one day (within reason) but the next day must severely limit their calorie intake, with only 500 calories allowed.

Alternative day fasting is nothing new and have been shown to be effective. However this only depends on how much you allow yourself on your ‘up’ days.

If you tend to go overboard and gorge then you are unlikely to see any success.

#3: The ‘Keto Diet

This diet promises to help you lose weight quickly (in as little as 10 days), which is why it is popular amongst those with an upcoming event or special occasion like a wedding.

Weight Loss SuccessWith this diet you are allowed to eat foods that are low carb but high in fat. This forces your body to burn fat for energy as there is no carbs present to burn instead. This process is known as ketosis.

This diet is safe, but you will find that any weight lost will quickly return once you return to your previous carb-rich diet.

#4: The ‘Shed Kilo’s, Win Money Diet

This diet uses incentives to motivate you into losing weight. Basically someone pays you to lose weight.

Often groups of friends come together to take part in these competitions, which sometimes means they will resort to crazy and often dangerous methods in order to win the prize.

Of course motivation is a good thing, but you should not starve yourself and risk long-term damage to your health in order to achieve your goal.

#5: The ‘New Techie Diet

This diet has become popular among Silicon Valley workers who are skipping meals to get more work done.

Instead they drinking meal-replacement protein drinks.

While the occasional meal-replacement can help with your weight loss efforts, it is not recommended that this practice becomes a habit.

Some of the meal-replacements don’t contain the necessary nutrients our bodies require so your health could potentially suffer.

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