Fake news websites diet pill scam

Fake news websites diet pill scam

Although this scam has been around now for years there are still those who are falling for it everyday.

What happens is that you are browsing the internet minding your own business when you come across a television news website with various mentions of a diet pill and its benefits.

While reading about these benefits most people get caught up in the story and fail to question the authenticity of the website itself.

Unfortunately these same people will inevitably click on one of the adverts leading them onto another website that will attempt to entice them into signing up for a trial of this so called wonder product.

Auto shipping trial products

There are numerous examples on this websites offering trial of their products, where you will be enticed into signing up for the trial.

Unfortunately once signed up you will also be signed up to an auto shipping membership whereby you will be sent another package of diet pills every month until your membership is cancelled.

These trial offers cover themselves legally by putting their payment terms in their terms and conditions, but lets be honest does anyone ever read them?

The companies are counting on this fact as they are hoping that you wont notice the money has left your account and too much time has passed to get a refund.

Examples of these fake news websites

A few years back this fake news website scam was used to sell Acai Berry supplements, a simple search for ‘News 10 Reporter Julia Miller’ will reveal many examples of this scam being used.

Melissa Theuriau fake newsEven today the scammers are using this same technique to sell Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean supplements to the unsuspecting and trusting public.

They are even using the same reporters name ‘Julia Miller’ who by the way does not exist.

Previously they have used images of Melissa Theuriau, a popular news anchor on the French network, LCI.

Although it seems that any generic image of a reporter will be used to present this scam.

How to avoid being scammed?

To avoid being scammed by one of these fake news websites you need to be on guard while browsing the internet.

You cannot simply believe everything you read online. There are so many different scams out there so do your research before you sign up for any offer or buy any product.

Trial offers in particular should be checked thoroughly. Read the terms and conditions to see what the payment details are before you sign up.

In our opinion these trial offers are best avoided as the vast majority of them are only designed to rip you off.

Please let us know if you have been scammed in a similar fashion or if you come across a fake news website. Please leave a message below.

17 comments on "Fake news websites diet pill scam"
  1. I saw a suggested ad on facebook clicked it and was brought to the page where I was convinced I was getting a free trial of LIPO-G3 GARCINIA Cambogia at $4.99 shipping and handling {5.68 can} and REGULAR x INTENSIVE COLON CLEANSER at the same price. To be shipped to me in 24 to 48 hours, but its over a week and nothing!!! When I checked my debit statement it showed I paid to two different stuff 1, lipog3.com and 2. healthynetworkt. I realized I was scammed only thing I have is a screen shot of my purchase and debit statement nothing more. But it could have been worst, this is my first and last online order..

    • We were victims of the Facebook add as well and the customer service rep was rude telling us it wasn’t a scam it’s in the small print that we read 2 times and it said nothing about $90 a bottle and she refused to let us talk to a manager. It toke over a week to get here and the sales rep ( Desiree ) is doing nothing but arguing with us about talkin to a manager and about the scam. We will be reporting this scam to BBB and going up the lader if needed if you get the product put return to sender and put it back in your mail box.

    • Do you have a phone number for this company?

    • I did the same thing but I got mine and I feel so sick!
      Facebook 4.99 along with colon cleanse looked believable. Scammed 🙁 I hope I feel better and I didn’t ingest poison!

  2. Yes I’ve been scammed to by the exact same thing. How do we stop getting changes to our credit card? I can’t find a phone number anywhere for the RegulaRX, help?

  3. I recently had called the florida number that called my number when i first ordered the Garcinia Cambogia and the Regularx to cancel the order for the future bottles because if you dont cancel they will charge you every month after …the free trial is for anly 14 days then they charge you $89.99 for each bottle for the FREE bottles unless you send them both back within the 14 days…so when i called they gave me the number to customer service after asking to speak with a manager, but was then told that that i was not supposed to be givin that number…and this number is for both products.#866-205-1599. I Hope this could be of some help to you people like me.

  4. Does anyone have the return info for both of these items?

  5. I too have been caught with this scam to the tune of $600.00. I received the “free samples” but there was no paper work with an address or tel number, and no further product. I tried the number above and couldn’t get a dial tone. I am in the UK. Can anyone help?

  6. Can I please have the website or email address for Regula RX intensive colon cleanser, and is this the same company as Lipo G3?

  7. Has anyone tried the Green Coffee 1000, pure Garcia Cambodia, or Pure Raspberry Ketone Plus?
    Did that help you lose weight or did it even work at all?
    & how long did u take it?

  8. I have been scammed by this company LIPOG3DEAL, their contact number is 1800-749-6576 out of Florida. Just phoned them today and asked to cancel whatever membership they said I had with them that I DID NOT AGREE. It started with a customer survey from Royalbank then I was redirected to a list of reward I was supposed to get. I pick Garcinia product, which they said I was only going to be charged for shipping. 3 months later, I had 3 charges between $116 to over $117 every month. Did not investigate the first charge because I thought my wife used my credit card to purchase something. They claimed that I signed for an auto shipment, which I don’t have full knowledge! This LIPOG3 company knows how to scam people and claim legal because you click the terms and conditions saying to auto ship the product. The product by they sucks! did not have any good effect whatsoever. I said was gonna return the two that are left because I gave away the other bottle but they offered to credit me $44 dollars so I don’t have to send the bottles back. I am so upset! STAY AWAY from filling up survey and hope for a free trial because they are NOT FREE!. We have to let everybody know about this and I’m really hoping these guys get sued.

    Phoned Royalbank to get rid of those two charges and said they will for the last two billing.

  9. I ordered the colon cleanser & Garcia Cambodia yesterday. When I ordered I read at the bottom that they will resend and charge on the 14th day. I called both numbers at the bottom of the screen to cancel membership because I wanted to make sure it would work first before I pay for more. Both Numbers were FAKE! I waited 45 minutes on one and they said they don’t deal with that product. I called the number given above and told the rep what happened & how I thought it was a scam & want to cancel everything. She did not deny anything.

  10. Biggest scam around!!!!!Returned product and they say they can’t my credit card or issue a refund check! Do NOT Order!!!!!!!

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