20 Fast Fat Loss Tips

20 Fast Fat Loss Tips

While we all lose weight and fat at different rates there are certainly some methods you can use to help speed up your results.

Here are 20 fast fat loss tips that will surely help you reach your goals that much faster than normal:

#1: Stop eating saturated fats

Those saturated fats found in junk food such as crisps, chocolate, pastry and the foods found in your local takeaway are best avoided.

They offer almost no nutritional value and will not only cause weight gain but could potentially clog your arteries, which could cause heart disease and strokes.

#2: Watch those late night carbs

Eating carbs too late can lead to cravings at nights, which will not only affect your sleep patterns but will likely lead to a trip to the fridge at mid-night.

This means that foods such as pasta, potatoes, bread and rice are best avoided after 6pm.

#3: Cut out the junk food

There is a reason why it is called junk food, and that is because the food really is junk.

This type of food offers almost no nutritional content, yet is full of saturated fats, salt, sugars and other processed ingredients that you really shouldn’t be putting into your body.

#4: Eat only when hungry

Why do some people reach for food when they are bored? There must be better things that you could do to ward of boredom.

#5: Eat smaller meals

For a start you could put out more appropriate portion sizes.

You should also only eat until you are full, which means you are allowed to waste the remaining amount left on your plate rather than feeling obliged to overeat.

#6: Drink more water

Water can help flush out those toxins from your body, therefore speeding up your ability to burn fat.

#7: Do cardio every day

If you can spare the time then 20-30 minutes of cardio (walking, biking etc) is a great form of exercise that will get your heart pumping and that fat burning.

#8: Stay within your Target Heart Range

A common mistake that many people fall into is not staying within their Target Heart Range, which means that their heart is not beating fast enough to burn fat.

Fat lossThis does not mean that you have to push yourself so hard that you cannot breath, but you certainly should not simply be going through the motions either.

#9: Eat more fibre

If you find that you often suffer with constipation then you will also find that your body is unable to remove the toxins from your body, therefore reducing your ability to burn fat.

By eating more fibre you will be able to solve this problem and start having more regular trips to the toilet.

#10: Drink some green tea

Green tea contains various antioxidants that can promote good health and fat burning.

Is it any wonder that it has become so popular so quickly?

#11: Consume some EFA’s

EFA’s or Essential Fatty Acids can help break down body fat, and can also help curb your appetite.

#12: Maintain muscle mass

When attempting to lose fat you should try to maintain muscle mass.

This is because it has been proven time and again that muscle burns more calories than fat, even when resting.

#13: Shop on a full stomach

To avoid picking up that junk food and sugary snacks, go shopping just after you have eaten so that you feel less tempted and more likely to stick to your list of healthy choices.

#14: Time to be more active

You don’t have to workout to burn calories. You will have plenty of opportunities throughout the day to burn a few extra, that is if you make the choice to be more active.

For instance, rather than taking the elevator, take the stairs instead. Or perhaps you could catch a bus to the shops instead of the car?

#15: Drink some coffee

It’s a fact that coffee contains caffeine, a mild stimulant. This means that it helps to boost your metabolic rate, which means extra calories and fat is burnt.

Just try to avoid those coffee options that contains added sugar, milk and creams as these will have a negative effect on your efforts.

#16: Try not to get stressed

If you find that you are often stressed then your chances of burning fat will be greatly reduced.

When you are stressed your body will produce extra cortisol, which is a hormone that will cause food cravings to occur.

If you struggle with stress then you need to find a way to combat it.

#17: Don’t worry about the scales

When people make the decision to become healthier they often become obsessed with losing weight rather than losing fat.

This means that you should put those scales away and worry more about how you look in front of the mirror and how you feel in general. For example has your energy levels increased?

#18: Use a supplement

While there is no such thing as miracle pill, there are some available that will certainly increase your ability to burn fat.

Take Phen375 for example, this supplement has shown time and again to be an effective option for those looking for help burning fat.

#19: Lift some weights

Lifting weights will not only help burn calories and fat but can also help to build muscle too.

As discussed previously the more muscle on your body the more fat you will be able to burn, even without doing any extra work.

Don’t worry if you do not want to put on lots of muscle, perhaps if you are female and do not wish to become ‘manly’. You are unlikely to gain huge amounts of muscle, not just because you will not be consuming enough protein but also because your testosterone levels will be too low.

#20: Be consistent

It is impossible to lose fat overnight, but if you are willing to put the time and effort in then you will certainly be able to achieve your goal.

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