6 New Fat Burning Techniques for 2015

6 New Fat Burning Techniques for 2015

For some liposuction is an effective option for fat burning, especially for removing those stubborn fat deposits around your neck causing that unwelcome double chin.

Are there any alternatives to liposuction? Discover some of the new fat burning techniques that you can try in 2015:

#1: ATX-101

ATX-101 can be injected into your body to remove the small pockets of fat that cause double chins.

In clinical trials it was shown to remove significant amounts of fat when used on subjects who received up to 6 injections over a 4 week period.

Dermatologist Fredric Brandt had this to say about the technique:

“Not only are you destroying the fat cells, you’re also getting some tightening of the skin.”

While impressive sounding, I would like to warn you that this treatment can cause bruising and swelling that can last 2-5 days after each treatment.

#2: LIPO-202

The main ingredient of LIPO-202 is salmeterol xinafoate, an ingredient more commonly found in asthma medication.

This ingredient can target and reduce the amount of triglycerides found in your cells, which can reduce their size.

A full course of treatments involves 20 small injections evenly distributed over the abdomen once a week for 8 weeks in total.

Patients who have tried this treatment have reported that they have subsequently dropped a dress size.

#3: Latanoprost and Bimatoprost

Although research into these techniques is in its infancy, researchers have looked at how prostaglandin, an active ingredient found in glaucoma eye drops can dissolve fat.

#4: Coolsculpting

During this process the adipose (fat) cells are frozen and die during the 1-2 hour session.

Research has shown that those who undertake this method can lose between 20-80% fat thickness within 3 months of the treatment.

#5: Liposonix

During Liposonix molecular vibrations will hear your underlying tissue, causing an increase in the tightness of your skin while killing the adipose cells.

Just an hour session could give the same results as 6 hours of Coolsculpting. Although it should be stated that Liposonix is the more painful option.

#6: Ultrashape

Ultrashape is different (and less painful) to Liposonix as it delivers ultrasound to your tissue using mechanical manipulation rather than thermal heat.

Research has shown that just 3 sessions over a 6 week period could result in a 30% drop in fat in some of your more troublesome areas.

Final thoughts

While the above techniques are new this does not necessarily mean that they are better than some of the more traditional fat burning techniques.

One of the major issues is the high cost of the techniques, which for most of us will make them unattainable.

You also need to think about the potential side effects, and possible pain associated with them.

In my opinion diet and exercise is still the better option, after-all the above methods will only produce temporary results, as if your lifestyle choices have not been changed then you will likely regain any lost weight and fat.

The only way to experience long-term fat loss results is through a complete lifestyle change whereby you start to eat healthier while getting regular exercise. It may produce slower results, but will be worth the effort I assure you.

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