8 Fat Loss Strategies That Really Work

8 Fat Loss Strategies That Really Work

If you want to improve your health and perhaps give your confidence a little boost then you maybe considering a diet to help you to lose a few pounds.

However, if I were you then I would be focussing my energy not on weight loss but on fat loss.

Of course if you are considerably overweight or obese then weight loss could be a good thing, but most of us would be better off trying to lose a few inches rather than pounds.

To achieve your goal you will need hard work, dedication and be willing to make sacrifices. Read on to discover some fat loss strategies that really work.

#1: Don’t diet

Diets are seen as a short-term fix that you will stop as soon as you reach your goal.

Unfortunately if you then return to your old habits then the weight and fat you have lost will no doubt return.

I would suggest that you think about the changes you are making as a lifestyle change that you are going to stick to long-term.

Of course allow yourself the occasional indulgence, but for the majority of the time you will be eating as healthily as possible.

If you are healthy 80% of the time then you will surely see some good results.

#2: Start moving

Exercise can seem like a daunting proposal for some of us, in particular those who have done very little in the past.

Perhaps it stems back to a moment in school, but regardless of why there are plenty of reasons why you need to exercise.

Not only will it help with your weight loss efforts, but it will also help with your overall health too.

If you have done very little exercise then it is advisable that you start off slowly. Perhaps just go for a short walk once a day.

Once your fitness levels increase then try to do a little more. The aim is to challenge yourself, which means that you should choose something every day that pushes you to your limits.

If you don’t challenge yourself then you cannot improve yourself.

#3: Get some support

One of the keys to fat loss is the support you get from friends and family.

Sometimes you will lose motivation so you will need their support to pick you up and get you back on track.

Rather than quitting at the first sign of trouble, their support can give you the accountability you need to succeed.

You can also get support from groups of like-minded individuals too. For instance you could join a group like Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

There are also numerous online groups you can join too. A quick search on Facebook will reveal hundreds of possible choices.

#4: Keep a food diary

If you are not keeping a food diary then how are you going to remember what you have eaten?

A food diary will allow you the opportunity to look back at your food intake to see if any changes need to be made.

You could also keep track of your progress too, which will help to keep you motivated as you will be able to look back when you are struggling to see just how far you have come already.

#5: Drink more water

There are so many reasons why you should be drinking more water.

For a start it is good to swap your usual high calorie drinks for water, after-all it contains zero calories.

It will also help to cut your appetite and can be used to flush the built up toxins from your body.

The advice is to drink around 8 glasses of water every day. If you are not drinking enough water then you urine will be a dark yellow, so you should try to drink a little more.

#6: Cut back on TV

These days many of us spend a good amount of our work days sat in front of a computer screen, so it is probably a good idea not to go home and immediately sit in front of the TV.

Of course we all need a little escapism in our lives but if you could cut back a little then your fat loss goals will be easier to achieve.

Instead of watching TV, perhaps do something that will help you with your efforts. Perhaps go for a walk, or do a little home workout.

#7: Prepare your own meals

If you want to lose fat then you need to know what you are eating. Therefore it makes sense to prepare your own meals.

You may think that buying fresh healthy foods is expensive and while on the face of things it appears so, if you use the ingredients to bulk prepare meals then the cost per meal could be comparable.

The only downside is the preparation time needed. Healthy eating is not a matter of putting a ready meal in the microwave.

#8: Stay focussed on your goal

To achieve your fat loss goals then you will need to stay focussed on them, regardless of what happens along the journey.

This can sometimes be easier said than done, as you will no doubt encounter problems along the way that could make you contemplate quitting.

However, if you want to lead a healthier life then you need to stick to your new healthier habits. It may be difficult but your body will thank you in the long run.

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