Fat loss tips for women

Fat loss tips for women

It is an unfortunate fact that women sometimes find it harder to lose weight and to reduce their body fat levels than men.

You may be doing the same things but for whatever reason your scales are simply not moving.

Perhaps these following fat loss tips for women will help?

#1 – Start lifting weights

Why is it that women are so afraid of the free weights in the gym? It is a common sight to see a woman spend hours on the treadmill without ever having lifted a weight.

If you start to spend a little time lifting weights then you will notice that your body will become more toned as lean muscle is being built.

Muscle is infinitely better to look at than fat and has the added bonus of aiding your fat loss efforts too.

Muscle even at rest burns more calories than fat.

There is no need to worry about becoming too manly as a females body will not produce enough testosterone, nor will you be eating enough to put on any considerable muscle mass.

#2 – Eat a fat loss diet rather than a healthy diet

Although eating healthily will provide you with all the nutrients you need to stay healthy, this does not mean that these foods will help you to lose that excess body fat.

You know your own body and should know what foods cause what reactions. Write down what you eat and make changes should your fat loss stall.

#3 – Are your hormones slowing your progress?

Certain foods cause different hormones to be produced that can cause fat build up in certain areas of your body.

Fat lossFor instance those dreaded love handles may be caused by too much sugar in your diet, which will mean that you should cut back on the amount of white bread, rice and pasta you consume.

#4 – Check your oestrogen to progesterone levels

If you tend to store fat in your lower body then your oestrogen levels may be higher in relation to your progesterone levels.

To lower your oestrogen levels to a normal level perhaps you should consider eating more cruciferous vegetables like cabbage or broccoli.

Stress can also affect the ratio too, as stress can cause excess cortisol to be produced.

#5 – Eat more protein

Eating protein will slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood, therefore will reduce those dips in energy that cause food cravings.

It can also keep you feeling fuller for longer and is important if you are trying to build lean muscle, as it helps to repair those broken muscle fibres after exercise.

#6 – Work those legs

Women typically love to show off their legs, particularly in the summertime. Unfortunately for many of them their legs and bums are a trouble area that is prone to fat build up.

Therefore maybe you should focus a little extra time in the gym on these trouble areas.

Exercises such as the squat are a great way to tone up those legs and butt.

#7 – Do some intense cardio

Again spending hours jogging slowly on the treadmill is not going to help you achieve your goals.

Intense cardio or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great way to burn off those excess calories and stored fat.

#8 – Have the occasional treat

Even though you should be eating a healthy fat burning diet most of the time (around 90%) there are going to be those foods that you crave.

We all have those foods we know that are bad for us but we just cannot resist.

Rather than denying yourself these treats, allow yourself the opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth now and again or you will simply become too bored with your healthy lifestyle and will quit.

Of course this does not mean that you should be treating yourself daily, but once or twice a week in moderation shouldn’t do any real harm.

#9 – Watch the alcohol intake

Many alcoholic drinks are simply ‘empty calories’ that do nothing but cause weight gain.

Some are full of sugars so while it may be boring you should be drinking water instead or at least consider drinking moderately.

#10 – Stop starving yourself

Although skipping meals and cutting back on your daily calorie intake will cause initial weight loss it is certainly not recommended.

You will find that after a while your body will start to burn off muscle as it desperately tries to keep hold of its fat reserves. This will cause your metabolism to slow, which will ultimately cause your weight loss to stall.

Worst of all is that once you start eating normally again the weight will quickly return, probably with a little extra for good measure due to your slow metabolic rate.

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