Fat loss vs weight loss

Fat loss vs weight loss

Although many men and women are obsessed with their weight perhaps you should be focusing more on losing fat than weight loss alone.

Obesity levels are growing all the time, and while weight loss is important to a certain degree you would be better off focusing on dropping fat from your body.

It is this excess fat that is causing those health problems not your weight.

Some diets wont even help with your fat, as often any weight you lose is simply water weight that although looks good when you weigh will quickly return.

Lets look at the difference between weight loss and fat loss, so that you can get a better idea of why fat loss is more important.

What is weight loss?

Weight loss is when your overall body mass decreases, whether it is fluid, fat, muscle or any other bodily tissue.

Your body weight is not the real problem, despite what you might have heard as you need your bones, organs, muscles, body fat and water to function properly.

The problem is when you have too much body fat, however many people who focus purely on weight loss will often restrict their food intake that may cause your body to break down muscle and other essential tissue, such as your organs.

Fat loss vs weight lossIf this occurs then although you may have lost weight your health will ultimately suffer.

What is fat loss?

Fat loss is when you reduce the amount of body fat present on your body.

Now, body fat is important for insulating your body and to help transport nutrients. However, too much body fat can cause your heart to work much harder than it should.

Women really should aim for a body fat percentage of 18-25%, with men at 12-20%.

By reducing your overall body fat percentage you may find that your weight may stay the same or even increase, yet you will look much slimmer and toned.

It is important to lose this body fat as it can cause serious health problems. Often fat will surround your organs that will limit how effectively they work.

There are other reasons not to focus on weight loss too. For example weight loss is sometimes muscle loss that can cause your metabolism to slow.

When your metabolism slows you will no longer burn as many calories as before so your weight loss and fat loss will ultimately slow.

How to experience fat loss?

By now you should have some idea why fat loss is better than weight loss. Next step is to find out the best way to experience this fat loss.

For a start you need to make sure your diet is good. Remember you will need adequate nutrition so cutting meals or drastically cutting your food intake is certainly not advised.

Your diet should consist of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, with lean protein sources such as chicken, turkey and fish.

Cut back on those takeaways and the junk food, although the occasional treat will certainly not harm and may help to keep your cravings to a minimum.

You should increase your water intake to around 8 medium glasses per day. This can help to flush out those toxins that cause weight gain, while your appetite will also be reduced too.

Often your body will mistake thirst for hunger so drinking water regularly will ward off those feelings.

Finally, for effective fat loss you will need to start exercising more regularly.

Obviously a gym membership is recommended, with around 3-4 trips a week a good amount. Yet you can still get a good workout in your own home if you prefer not to join the gym.

Even if you can only work out for a few minutes everyday, it will be better than sitting in front of the television doing nothing.

Good luck with your fat loss journey. It may be hard work, but the benefits are worth it.

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