Fecal transplant pills for weight loss?

Fecal transplant pills for weight loss?

It has been suggested recently that a fecal transplant pill could actually aid your own weight loss efforts, but how?

These pills are not new, they have been used in the past to treat a debilitating condition known as Clostridium difficile (C. diff).

Thomas Louie, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Calgary, Alberta had this to say about C. diff:

“Recurrent C. diff infection is such a miserable experience and patients are so distraught that many ask for fecal transplantation because they’ve heard of its success.”

“Many people might find the idea of fecal transplantation off-putting, but those with recurrent infection are thankful to have a treatment that works.”

What is a fecal transplant pill?

A fecal transplant pill essentially involves the transplanting of faeces from a healthy donor into the intestinal tract in an attempt to rebalance the bacteria levels of your gut.

While this process was not originally intended for weight loss, Jeff Leach, the founder of the Human Food Project wrote about his own experiences of self-inserting faeces from an African tribesman into his own rectum, where he noted that he lost weight for “no apparent reason”.

Will a fecal transplant pill really help with weight loss?

At the moment there is very little research to back up the weight loss claims of a fecal transplant pill.

Dusko Ehrlich, PhD had this to say about gut bacteria and the fecal transplant pill:

“That opens the possibility of developing bacterial therapies, a new type of probiotic which perhaps could fight this weight gain.”

There have also been numerous studies undertaken in 2013 and 2014 that have shown the importance of gut flora for maintaining a healthy weight, it remains to be seen whether the fecal transplant pill will be able to do what it claims.

Perhaps, once a little more research has been undertaken more people will be looking to give it a try. At the moment however, I see it as nothing more than a fad.

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