Study Shows Fewer Americans Than Ever Want to Lose Weight

Study Shows Fewer Americans Than Ever Want to Lose Weight

With the new year fast approaching you maybe starting to think about those resolutions. Is weight loss one of them?

In the past weight loss would be one of the top resolutions, but according to a new study this maybe about to change.

According to a study by Live Science, only 49% of people in America want to lose weight, this is the lowest percentage of people wanting to lose weight since 1991

Compared to the 62% who wanted to lose weight in 2004, this new statistic is quite shocking, especially when you consider that obesity levels have continued to rise year on year. Research has shown that at least two-thirds of the population are overweight.

Why have these percentages dropped so much?

The rise in overweight and obese people is claimed to be the reason why people are no longer wanting to lose weight.

Dr. Holly Lofton, director of the Medical Weight Management Program at the New York University Langone Medical Center believes that being a little overweight is the new normal, so people feel less motivation to lose weight.

She states:

“If everybody looks like their friends, then you think that you’re just a normal weight. But you’re a normal weight by American standards, not by medical standards.”

Beauty standards have also changed over the past few years too, before waif-like models were to be aspired to but now people tend to focus on body confidence more.

While being stick-thin is not for everyone and being underweight is certainly not good for your health, being overweight or obese comes with its own risks.

Remember that being overweight will leave you at a higher risk of developing numerous health conditions, including type-2 diabetes, heart disease and numerous forms of Cancer.

For your own health if you are currently overweight that you take the necessary steps to lose a few pounds.

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