Find a weight loss friend and lose weight

Find a weight loss friend and lose weight

A new study has shown that you are more likely to lose weight and keep it off long term if you choose to lose weight with friends.

The nationwide survey, which was conducted by Weight Watchers showed that 40% of all female dieters questioned had attempted to diet alone and subsequently given up within a week of starting.

71% of those questioned however said they were more likely to stick to a diet if they had the support of their friends.

Lose more weight with friends

A study of 2000 UK women who had dieted with friends also showed that they lost more weight compared to those who dieted alone.

Of those who lost more than 10lbs in weight, 15% indicated this was achieved with the help of their friends.

Why are friends important for weight loss?

The study showed that 50% of those asked did not want to let their friend down, so they were less likely to cheat on their diet.

44% found that weighing together proved helpful at achieving their goals, while 70% of those who dieted with friends stated that it was easier to stick to a diet plan if they were able to talk about the different aspects of it with someone going through the same plan.

Jealousy also proves to be a good motivator with 40% saying how they felt envious of a friends weight loss, with 64% claiming that their friends weight loss had inspired them to lose weight so that they did not become known as the ‘fat friend’.

One of the most important points raised was that having a weight loss friend would allow you to discuss your feelings, how to avoid temptation, what to eat and when to exercise.

Angharad Massie, a spokesperson for Weight Watchers had this to say:

“We think it is quite significant that this research indicates that losing weight with friends or family will help you to make a long-term lifestyle change — 72 per cent of women feel that healthy eating is more likely to become a way of life if their friends are doing it too.”

“This demonstrates the power of group support where you can talk about experiences and share ideas to stay motivated. This latest research reinforces the fact that you lose significantly more weight than people who try to lose weight on their own. This really does show that when it comes to losing weight, doing it together is better.”

Top 5 thing to look for in a weight loss friend?

Weight loss friend

So there you have it, if you want to lose weight and keep it off long term do not go alone. Find a friend and lose the weight together.

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