Fish Oil Shown to Stop Effects of Fatty Diet

Fish Oil Shown to Stop Effects of Fatty Diet

It has been known for a while now that fish oil has its benefits, particularly for brain health, but new research from Brazil has shown that it could also help support a healthy metabolism too.

Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo have conducted a study that has been published in the Journal of Physiology that fish oil could help fight obesity and type-2 diabetes.

What research was undertaken?

In the study the researchers fed mice that had been given fish oil a high-fat diet for 4 weeks.

At the end of this period they then analysed the body fat samples, comparing them to other mice who had been fed the same high-fat diet but had not been given the fish oil.

The researchers would look to see how the fish oil affected:

  • Their metabolism
  • Fat deposits
  • Insulin resistance

What were the results?

Once analysed the researchers found that those mice given the fish oil had experienced significant changes to their metabolism.

These changes included glucose uptake and the amount of the protein adiponectin secreted, which helps to regulate both glucose levels as well as fatty acids.

In simplistic terms the fish oil was able to stop the negative metabolic effects you would associate with a high-fat diet.

Talking about the findings, lead researcher Professor Maria Isabel Alonso-Vale had this to say:

“Our research suggests that fish oil supplements may be used in addition to other strategies as a preventative measure for insulin resistance and obesity.”

While these results are certainly promising, you must remember that the research was done on mice. Until human research has been completed we cannot get too excited about the results.

In the meantime it is still best that if you are concerned about your weight and overall health you should look to make changes to your diet. You should also make sure to get regular exercise too.


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