How to fit exercise into your daily life?

How to fit exercise into your daily life?

To lose weight and improve your health you have no doubt been told how important exercise is.

Unfortunately, with our busy lives it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to workout. No doubt this is one reason why we are suffering an obesity epidemic.

Well, if you often use the excuse that don’t have enough time please read on to find out how you can fit exercise into your daily life.

#1: Make an appointment with yourself

Even those who lead the busiest life will have a little spare time.

Get out your calendar and not down the most convenient time to workout each day. Then most importantly don’t let anything get in the way.

#2: Make exercise fun

If you are not enjoying your workout session then you are less likely to want to stick with it.

Choose an activity that you enjoy doing, such as yoga, dance, martial arts or the various other fitness classes available.

The key to success is to make sure you make your visits consistent, which will only occur if you are having fun.

#3: Join a group

Once you join a fitness class or group the instructor will do all of your thinking for you, enabling you simply to workout and have fun.

This can be less stressful than going to the gym alone, and as a bonus you may make some new friends.

#4: Get some help

If you are finding that you are starting a fitness program but are unable to stick to it, then perhaps it is time to hire a professional in the shape of a personal trainer.

Not only are they trained to motivate and push you towards your goal, once you have paid for their services you will be less inclined to skip your workout.

#5: Change your routine

If you are currently finding time to exercise you do not want your workouts to become stale, otherwise you may end up quitting as you may no longer be enjoying it.

To avoid this from occurring you should occasionally change your routine.

This can also boost results too as you will be working other muscles too.

#6: A little exercise is better than no exercise

If you really have very little time to spare each day then you could try breaking your workouts up into smaller HIIT sessions.

You don’t need hours to workout. Even 5-10 minutes of intense exercise will see great results.

Just remember that intense means just that. Give 100% during whatever spare time you have and you will soon start to reap the rewards.

#7: Track your success

To keep motivated you should note down your progress. Track your workouts, your diet and any successes.

#8: Be prepared

If you lead a busy life then you need to be prepared.

Being prepared for a workout will reduce the chances of you “putting off” the workout. For example, if you know you want to workout first thing in the morning, get your workout gear ready the night before.

#9: Use those weekends

If you have a busy work week then start using those weekends to workout.

For most people the weekend schedule will be more flexible than during the week.

Remember it does not need to take up all your time so it wont impact on any friend or family time.

#10: Make exercise social time

If you can exercise with a friend or family member they can help motivate and push you towards your goal, especially if they have similar goals themselves.

Perhaps when choosing activities for your family and friends, choose something energetic so you can spend quality time with them while working towards your goal.

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