3 Fitness Mistakes You Are Maybe Making

3 Fitness Mistakes You Are Maybe Making

With so much information available, with many of it being contradictory it can be difficult to know what is best for you when it comes to fitness.

Of course, if you value your health then being fit and active is recommended. You most certainly will not see the best results if you spend the majority of your day sat on your behind.

So what are these fitness mistakes, and what should you be doing instead?

Fitness Mistake #1: Pushing yourself to extremes

While it is certainly a good idea to work out with intensity you still need to allow yourself to rest.

If you believe that working out for hours every day without any rest days will give you an enviable body you will be mistaken.

Your body needs time to recover between workouts, and I would personally recommend at least one day off entirely each week from exercise.

For beginners working at a high intensity to begin may also be a bad idea.

Your body will likely not be used to the rigours of intense exercise, which could potentially lead to injury that could potentially set you back even further.

Weight Loss SuccessI would recommend that before you start performing more intensive exercises that you first build your fitness levels up beforehand.

Fitness Mistake #2: Not eating the right fuel

You have likely read a few articles from “experts” who have stated that all carbs are bad.

Well, this is certainly not the case.

While some carbs are bad, especially those that have been processed, for example white bread.

The truth is that your body requires carbs for energy. And without carbs in your diet you are likely to experience fatigue, weakness, dizziness and headaches.

It is recommended (by the United States Institute of Medicine) to consume roughly 45-65% of your daily calorie intake with carbs.

Fitness Mistake #3: Thinking you can ‘spot reduce

It is not possible to spot reduce anything. If you want to lose that layer of fat from your waist to reveal your six pack abs then performing a 1,000 sit ups will not be the solution.

If you have a problem area then you will still need to work your entire body to see results, this is especially true when it comes to fat loss.

This is less so for muscle gain, but if your muscle is covered by fat then you will see very little difference.


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