4 Food Swaps for Weight Loss – An Easy Way to Lose Weight

4 Food Swaps for Weight Loss – An Easy Way to Lose Weight

To lose weight you need to burn off more calories than you consume.

One method you can use to do this would obviously be to cut back on food altogether, but this leave you feeling hungry.

An alternative would be to opt for food swaps instead, which basically means that you would choose a lower calorie food over one with high calories.

You would still be eating similar portions, so hunger wont be an issue, but the fewer calories consumed will aid your weight loss efforts.

Lets look at some potential food swaps you could try:

#1: Swap granola for oatmeal

If you are in a rush it is easy to grab a granola bar first thing in the morning.

The problem with this is that these bars are full of added sugars that really should be avoided.

A better option would be to have bowl of oatmeal instead. It does not contain any sugar, unless you add it yourself, and is full of filling fibre that will fill you up and keep you full until lunch.

#2: Swap beef for fish

Both beef and fish are good sources of protein, which is essential for weight loss and good health. However, the fish contains less fat and fewer calories, so is the better option for you.

Of course you can still enjoy beef from time to time, but to save valuable calories opt for the fish.

#3: Swap fruit juice for actual fruit

You may think that fruit juice would be a healthy drink, especially when compared to soft drinks, but you are mistaken, unfortunately.

Fruit juice is often full of added sugars and calories, while even those without these added sugars should be avoided.

Weight LossThe reason for this is that fruit juice is full of natural sugar (calories) too, which will cause your blood sugar levels to spike and subsequently crash.

This spike and crash will cause further cravings for sugar.

Real fruit is a better option as the fibre content has not been removed. This means that eating real fruit will satiate you better, ensuring you are kept feeling fuller for longer.

Overall this swap can potentially save you hundreds of calories.

#4: Swap pasta for spaghetti squash

If you love pasta but are concerned about its high calorie content then swapping to spaghetti squash would be a good idea.


Food swaps are a great way to cut your intake of calories and will certainly help with your weight loss efforts.

It is also easy to stick to a diet like this as you wont feel starved all the time.

If you have any of your own food swap ideas then please post them below.


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