10-Minute Food Trainer App Could Help Your Weight Loss Efforts

10-Minute Food Trainer App Could Help Your Weight Loss Efforts

Research at the University of Exeter has found that Dr Natalia Lawrence’s Food Trainer app that only takes 10 minutes a day to play could help with your weight loss efforts.

This app uses neuro-science that in laboratory trials have shown its ability to curb unhealthy eating.

What occurred in the study?

In the study of 83 adults it was shown that less than 10 minutes a day of ‘brain training’ using the app could slow the impulses to reach for unhealthy snacks, which of course would help to reduce your overall calorie intake.

Those who used the app, just four times in a single week lost week, after finding their calorie intake dropped by over 200 calories a day – the rough equivalent of a chocolate-iced doughnut.

How does the app work?

Playing this app can help train the brain to control impulses to reach for junk food like cakes crisps and alcohol.

When playing the app will flash up images of food, both healthy and unhealthy options. The aim of the game is to react only to the healthy items, and to ignore those foods deemed unhealthy.

Doing this will supposedly help train your brain to suppress these bad choices in real life.

The app also allows you to input particular foods you struggle to avoid, and to state how often you eat them.

The creator of the app, Dr Lawrence, a cognitive neuroscientist had this to say about the app and its findings:

“It’s very exciting to see that our free and simple training can change eating habits and have a positive impact on some people’s lives.”

“It’s a tool to help people make healthier choices. In an age where unhealthy food is so abundant and easily available and obesity is a growing health crisis, we need to design innovative ways to support people to live more healthily.”

“We are optimistic that the way this app is devised will actually encourage people to opt for healthy food such as fruit and vegetables rather than junk food.”

It is certainly promising, and with so many people seemingly obsessed with their smart-phones, this app could be a welcome distraction from their social media accounts, while also helping their weight loss efforts.


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