4 Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

4 Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not just about the work you put in at the gym, what you eat also has a huge part to play.

So what should you eat when trying to lose weight and what foods to avoid for weight loss? Read on to discover the answer for yourself.

Food to avoid #1: Soft drinks

Soft drinks are full of calories and added sugar, which makes them something that you should desperately try to avoid, whether you want to lose weight or not.

It maybe boring but you should be drinking more water instead of choosing a soft drink.

Water contains zero calories but can help reduce your appetite if drunk during meal times.

Food to avoid #2: White rice/bread/flour

The reason why these food types should be avoided is because refined (processed) grains that they are made from have been stripped of fibre, leaving only starch behind.

When you eat starchy foods quickly your blood sugar levels will rise quickly, unfortunately your body will burn this off quickly resulting in a blood sugar level crash.

When this occurs you will experience cravings for more of these starchy foods.

You should choose foods that contain fibre as these will help to fill you up, but are slow to digest so wont cause your blood sugar levels to rise and fall as dramatically.

Food to avoid #3: Pastry

Pastries maybe tasty but they are simply not a good idea if weight loss is your goal.

PastryThis type of food is often covered in sugar that will initially cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, however this will quickly fall resulting in further cravings.

If you would usually eat a pastry for breakfast it maybe time to change your habits.

Instead try eating something containing protein and fibre, for instance a boiled egg and some wholemeal toast.

Both are slow to digest so will help keep you full until lunchtime.

Food to avoid #4: Creamy soup

Unsurprisingly creamy soup is made using cream, which is going to contain a lot of fat and calories that will likely lead to weight gain.

Instead of choosing to eat creamy soup I would suggest choosing vegetable soup instead.

Vegetables are full of nutrients and contain very few calories making them perfect to eat when losing weight. The water content of the soup can also help to fill you up.

What else should you be eating?

It is important when trying to lose weight to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as they can help to fill you up without having to consume lots of calories.

Foods containing fibre is also recommended as they will help to fill you up quickly and help to keep you feeling full. Fibre is also important for maintaining regular bowel movements, which is also beneficial for weight loss.

Finally protein sources such as chicken and turkey should be eaten. Not only as they will help to keep you feeling full, but can also keep your energy levels up, while maintaining your muscle mass too.

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  1. I am 315 pounds and would like to lose 250 of it can you help. Thank you.

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