5 Must-Eat Foods to Eat Before a Workout

5 Must-Eat Foods to Eat Before a Workout

For good health and weight loss it is recommended that regular exercise becomes part of your routine.

Of course, to get the most from your workout your will need to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition.

The following foods are a must-eat, and should be consumed prior to a workout.

#1: Quinoa

Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that is full of both magnesium and protein. It is also a great alternative to animal protein.

The magnesium is essential for producing energy, while the protein found is “complete”, which means that it contains the building blocks needed to create new protein.

#2: Sweet Potato

To ensure you have plenty of energy available for your workout you need to ensure you are consuming a good source of both carbohydrates and protein.

This is why you should opt for sweet potato prior to working out.

It is full of carbohydrates, as full vitamin C and beta carotene, which can help maintain healthy connective tissue.

#3: Turkey

Turkey is a great source of protein, but this is not the only nutrient that it contains.

You will also find that it contains various B vitamins, as well as selenium, which can help protect against tissue damage, and phosphorus that can help harness energy from food.

#4: Black Beans

Have you ever started a workout only to realise that you’re feeling hungry?

If so then you need to ensure you are filling up with fibre prior to the workout. Black beans could be the answer.

#5: Oats

Another good source of fibre are oats, and as they have a naturally low GI (Glycemic Index) they release energy slowly throughout the day.

Carbs with a high GI are quickly digested, which causes a surge in energy, but this quickly fades as your blood sugar levels drop.

When this occurs you will become lethargic and will crave similar types of quick-fix foods.

Another benefit of oats is that they can also help lower cholesterol levels. This is because they contain a soluble fibre called beta glucan that can bind with the cholesterol containing bile in your gut.

This bile is then prevented from being reabsorbed, therefore reducing cholesterol levels.

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