12 Foods You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

12 Foods You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

To lose weight you need to make sure your diet is good. That means you need to watch those snacks too.

You may think that a handful of that high calorie junk food wont harm, but the reality is that you are unlikely to be able to resist overindulging on these types of foods.

Ultimately you will find that these snacks will lead to weight gain, despite your other healthy habits.

Luckily there are certain foods you can eat without gaining weight, here are a few of them:

#1: Air-popped popcorn

You may not think that popcorn could be a healthy snack but it is true.

One cup of air-popped popcorn contains only 31 calories, it is the microwaved and movie popcorn full of salt, butter and sugar that give popcorn a bad name.

#2: Arugula

Instead of a starchy side or a slice of bread opt for arugula instead.

It has a slightly bitter and peppery taste, and contains very few calories with 2 cups only containing 10 whole calories.

#3: Blueberries

Blueberries are low in calories with only 85 calories per cup.

They are also versatile and can be sprinkled on your cereal or yoghurt. You can also blend them with other fruits to make smoothies or home-made ice cream.

#4: Celery

It is not a surprise that celery makes this list. For some this is the one food you will think about when on a diet.

The problem with celery is that it is not very exiting, but luckily you can add other foods to it to improve the taste. For example you could try dipping celery into hummus for a healthy snack.

#5: Edamame

These are immature soybeans that can be easily added to your pasta or salad dishes.

A single cup only contains 130 calories.

#6: Eggs

Eggs are a great food to eat if you are trying to lose weight.

They are naturally low in calories at just 17 calories per egg, and are also a good source of protein too.

Protein can help fill you up and as it is slow to digest will keep you full. If you plan on working out then protein can help repair any damaged muscles, helping you recover faster.

#7: Oranges

Orange for Weight LossA medium sized orange will only contain around 62 calories, but will contain vitamin C, vitamin B1 and potassium amongst others.

Its fibre and water content will also help fill you up and keep you feeling full until your next mealtime.

#8: Portobello mushrooms

While there are thousands of variety of mushroom, this option is popular amongst dieters as it is low in calories at just 18 calories for a large one.

Some people even use it as a meat substitute, so if you are vegetarian opt for these if you are looking to lose a few pounds.

#9: Seaweed

A cup of seaweed contains only 32 calories, but it is full of iodine, which help contribute to a healthy, functioning thyroid.

Your thyroid helps control the hormones that control your metabolism.

#10: Strawberries

Strawberries are low in calories at 50 calories per cup, but they are full of fibre that can help fill you up.

Fibre is also important for good digestive health.

The final benefit of eating strawberries is that they contain flavonoids that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

#11: Sugar snap peas

These contain around 35 calories per cup as well as plenty of fibre and protein, making them an ideal diet food.

They can be eaten raw or added to stir fries.

#12: Sweet potato

A medium sweet potato contains only 112 calories, but as they are full of fibre and other goodies as especially filling, meaning you don’t have to eat loads of them.

Now, that you know what foods you can eat there is no reason why you need to opt for unhealthy foods that cause weight gain. Choose the above and start losing weight.

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