6 Foods You Should Ban From Your Diet

6 Foods You Should Ban From Your Diet

While allowing yourself the occasional treat may help you to stick to a boring diet, there are certain foods that are best avoided if weight loss is your goal.

Read on to discover which foods you should ban from your diet.

#1: Foods that only contain carbs

While carbs are an essential nutrient that is required for a variety of everyday bodily functions (it is essential for energy etc) those foods that contain carbs and little else are best avoided.

The reason for this is that when you take in too many carbs you will suffer a spike in your blood sugar levels.

The problem with this is that as your body will burn through this quickly you will then suffer a drastic crash in your blood sugar levels, which will then result in further carb cravings.

Examples of foods that contain only carbs include:

  • Crackers
  • Dry cereal
  • Bread
  • Rice cakes

Try to avoid these if possible. Instead try to consume foods with more of a balance to them, so foods that contain carbs, healthy fats, fibre and protein are the best.

#2: Microwave meals

The reason why these should be avoided is that they are full of sodium or salt, as this is used to keep the foods fresh.

Unfortunately sodium causes bloating and will cause you to retain water, which will mean that you look fat even if you do start to lose weight.

These microwave meals are also full of added calories, and are rarely large enough to be a satisfactory meal either. Meaning that you will likely need to eat more.

Instead of picking a microwave meal up for when you are busy I would suggest spending an hour or two on the weekend preparing a few of your own homemade read meals.

You can use your own fresh ingredients, and simply refrigerate or freeze them for when you are too busy to cook from fresh during the week.

#3: High fibre snack bars

Of course fibre in your diet is good for weight loss for a number of reasons. For instance it is slow to digest so will keep you feeling full. It is also good for digestion too.

What you don’t need though is your daily intake of fibre in one sitting. So these high fibre snack bars are best avoided.

Fruit and vegetables are a good natural source of fibre so I would suggest eating these throughout the day. This will help keep your fibre content up and spread out too.

#4: “Low fat” foods

You may think you are doing a good thing eating these low fat foods, after-all fat is bad for your right?

Tips for Weight LossWell, this is not true actually as your body needs fat for a start.

Also, these low fat foods have likely had sugar added to it, as removing the fat content results in a lack of taste.

#5: Fruit juices

What can be healthier than fruit juice? Well, a lot of things actually.

To start fruit juice often has added sugars, but even those with none are best avoided too.

The reason for this is because when fruit has been turned into juice its fibre content has been lost, meaning it wont fill you up.

All you are doing therefore is consuming what I would call “empty calories” as they offer no nutritional content.

Instead opt for water if you are thirsty, it really is the best option.

Not only is it free from calories, but it can curb your appetite and flush unwanted toxins from your body too.

#6: Soft drinks

What you eat is just one aspect you will need to look at if weight loss is your goal. What you drink is also an aspect, which is why you should consider quitting or at least cutting back on your intake of soft drinks.

These are full of unnecessary added calories that most certainly will have a negative effect on your weight loss efforts.

Even those made using artificial sweeteners are best avoided too, as these have been shown to cause your body to crave sugars.

As the above tip recommends, instead you should choose water above all other drinks.


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