Is Forskolin Fuel recommended?

Is Forskolin Fuel recommended?

Since its first appearance on the Dr Oz Show a couple of months back, sales of supplements containing Forskolin have continued to grow.

Forskolin Fuel is just one of many supplements that contain this fat burning ingredient, but is it recommended?

In this review we are going to look at whether this supplement contains the right amount of Forskolin, its cost and whether we believe it to be good value for money.

Claimed benefits of Forskolin Fuel

Forskolin Fuel has listed the following benefits on its website:

  • Increased fat metabolism
  • Healthy weight management
  • Supports hormone optimisation

Having looked at these claims I am a little confused why they have used such confusing statements, perhaps it is just to look more scientific.

Anyway, if Forskolin Fuel contains the correct dosage of Forskolin then I expect these claims to be quite accurate. We would need to look at the ingredients used before coming to any conclusion.

Ingredients used to make Forskolin Fuel

Having looked at the ingredients of Forskolin Fuel I am pleased to say that it contains the recommended dosage of 125 mg Forskolin per serving.

This Forskolin is 100% pure standardised 20% with no artificial colours or preservatives.

After looking at this information it is clear to me that using Forskolin Fuel should help with your own weight loss efforts.

Cost of Forskolin Fuel

At first viewing you will be hard pressed finding the cost of Forskolin Fuel on its website. That is because they want you to submit your contact information before you gain access to it, no doubt so that in the future they can sell to you via email or phone if you fail to conclude your transaction.

Having filled in their order form a new page is opened that shows the price of the supplement.

On this next page you will see 3 different options, with Forskolin Fuel starting at £28.80 for a months supply, which is reasonable.

There is also a 5 month package that brings down the cost significantly (£17.28 per bottle).

Is Forskolin Fuel recommended?

The ingredients found in Forskolin Fuel should help your own weight loss efforts and the cost of the supplement is not high either.

However, I am a little confused why they have chosen to hide the pricing information. As in my opinion it seems reasonable.

What I did notice when choosing the different packages was that there was a hidden ‘shipping insurance’ charge that took the price of the supplement up (£35.75 for a months supply).

Alternative to Forskolin Fuel

An alternative to Forskolin Fuel is Forskolin 125 that can be purchased online from Evolution Slimming.

This supplement also contains 125 mg of Forskolin per serving so similar benefits will be experienced.

Currently this supplement can be bought for £29.99, with free UK delivery available, making it slightly cheaper to buy than Forskolin Fuel.

Click here to buy Forskolin 125 from Evolution Slimming

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