Forskolin Pills trial offer SCAM REPORT

Forskolin Pills trial offer SCAM REPORT

There are a number of different websites offering Forskolin pills for trial, this particular review will be looking at the supplement available at forskolinpills.com.

Most products have some sort of branding that separates it from its competitors yet this is seemingly unbranded with just a “Forskolin” name on the bottle.

For a start this generic packaging and name makes it hard to distinguish this product from its competitors, but is this a good or bad thing.

What we do know is that as it is available for trial there is a real risk that this supplement will be more expensive than you would think.

Lets look at this supplement in a little closer detail to see if there are any issues we need to be aware of.

Benefits of Forskolin Pills

This particular brand of Forskolin Pills offers the following benefits:

  • Helps losing weight naturally
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Fixes digestive disorder

Whether it can do any of these things remains to be seen. The problem with claims like these is that they can only be believed if we can see proof, which for a start means we should look to see what ingredients it is made from.

Ingredients of Forskolin Pills

While it is clear to see that Forskolin Pills contains coleus forskohlii, what is less clear is how much of this beneficial ingredient has been used.

Unfortunately there is no label shown, nor any mention of its dosages. For all we know there is not enough forskolin to make this supplement effective, or worse still there could be other ingredients present that could cause dangerous side effects.

Cost of Forskolin Pills

You will only be aware of the cost of this supplement after clicking on the terms and conditions hidden away at the bottom of the website.

Doing so will reveal that signing up for the trial will give you 14 days to try it before you are charged the full purchase price of $89.95.

You will also discover that every month thereafter more charges will be made for the further deliveries you will receive.

As with all auto-ship programs this will continue until your membership is cancelled.

Would we recommend this supplement?

It is impossible to recommend this supplement due not only to its lack of ingredient information but also due to its high cost.

There are other forskolin supplements available online that you can buy without signing up for an expensive trial that will also contain the recommended amount of coleus forskohlii (at least 125 mg at 10% standardised).

How to cancel this trial?

The contact details are as follows:

Email: support@forskolinpills.com
Phone: 702-251-9246

Please leave a message below if you have tried this supplement yourself.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Is there an alternative Forskolin supplement?

Our recommendation for a forskolin supplement that you can buy outright with no auto-shipping is a supplement available from Evolution Slimming called Forskolin 250.

This supplement contains 250 mg of coleus forskohlii, which is double the strength you would usually find.

A month supply will cost $60, which makes it a more cost-effective option for those looking for extra help losing weight.

Click here to read our review of Forskolin 250!

2 comments on "Forskolin Pills trial offer SCAM REPORT"
  1. I am letting you know that this product is not what I expected. I work out four days a week . I walk two miles on my treadmill and watch my diet. I am diabetic. I would like to return this product and get a refund. Thanks ofilia Sanchez-Manns,

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