What is Forskolin?

What is Forskolin?

On the May 5th episode of the Dr Oz Show (watch the an episode on Forskolin here), Dr Mehmet Oz spoke about some methods that could boost weight loss and help burn off troublesome belly fat.

During the episode he mentioned using a Forskolin supplement, but what is Forskolin and how does it work?

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is found in the Coleus forskohlii plant, it is said that it can help activate the enzyme adenylate cyclase that is used by your body to regulate various cellular functions.

In the past it has been used to treat heart disorders such as high blood pressure along with respiratory disorders like asthma.

Following its appearance on the Dr Oz Show, no doubt it will become better known for its fat burning abilities.

How does it burn belly fat?

Taking a Forskolin supplement can help to break down adipose tissue (belly fat), which will release fatty acids that can cause a process called thermogenesis to occur.

Forskolin benefitsThermogenesis is a process whereby the internal body temperature increases along with your metabolic rate. This results in extra calories and fat being burnt.

Is Forskolin proven to burn fat?

In a 2005 study undertaken at the Department of Health Sport and Exercise Sciences, Applied Physiology Laboratory at the University of Kansas as team of researchers looked at how Forskolin would affect obese and overweight men.

When compared with a placebo those who took the supplement containing Forskolin lost more fat while the researchers noted increases in testosterone levels and lean body mass (muscle).

Increased muscle mass will also help your weight loss efforts as we all know that muscle burns more calories than fat even while you rest.

Benefits of Forskolin

As well as its weight loss benefits it has also been shown to help:

  • Protect against glaucoma. Early research into eye drops supports this theory.
  • Improved tanning. A study published in 2006 indicated that Forskolin could manipulate the skins pigmentation.
  • Reduce the chance of suffering an asthma attack.

How much Forskolin is needed to burn belly fat?

You should be aiming to consume 125 mg of Forskolin every morning for the best fat burning results.

When looking for a supplement Dr Oz recommended that you find a supplement that contains at least 10% Forskolin.

Will Forskolin cause any side effects?

Although safe to use there is a little concern that it could interfere with the treatment of various cardiovascular disease, as it can cause low blood pressure.

Also it is recommended that you avoid using a Forskolin supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Where to buy Forskolin?

To buy Forskolin you need look no further than the Evolution Slimming website, as they have a supplement listed that contains the recommended 125 mg of the fat burning ingredient.

This supplement is called Forskolin125 and it is available to buy for just £29.99 ($47) for a months supply. Larger quantities are available that will result in big savings.

What does Forskolin125 contain?

Forskolin125 is made from 125 mg of Forskolin, which is standardised to 10%. You can view an image of its label below.


How to experience the full benefits of Forskolin125?

It is advised that to experience the full benefits of Forskolin125 you should take a single capsule with your breakfast.

As with any dietary supplement, you will need to make changes to your diet and should get regular exercise if your aim is to lose weight, there is no such thing as a ‘miracle pill’. You will need to do a little work yourself.

Why buy from Evolution Slimming?

Here are a few reasons why you should buy from the Evolution Slimming website:

  • Tried and tested formula
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Live chat, telephone and email support
  • Free UK guaranteed delivery
  • Free diet plan

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  1. I heard about this product on Dr Oz show, and would like to try it to get rid of the bad fat in my mid section. Where can I get it at a decent price.

  2. Thank you for every information that you have posted, it gives me more understanding and knowledge about forskolin. Now i have a assurance of losing my weight in a safe process and products ^_^

  3. Is this pill good for women to lose belly fat..I see that it’s use is for men..I don’t want to gain any weight from taking it..

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