Frankie Essex reveals 2 stone weight loss

Frankie Essex reveals 2 stone weight loss

Former TOWIE star Frankie Essex has long struggled with her weight, which has led to a period of yo-yo dieting where her weight has shot up and down over the past 10 years.

However, 2 months ago she decided she would break out of this habit and undertake a healthier lifestyle where she would embrace healthy eating, while getting regular exercise from a personal trainer.

Today she has revealed a new slimmer figure to the public after losing an incredible 2 stone. Slimming down to her ideal weight of 10 stone 7 pounds.

The 27 year old had this to say about her transformation:

“I do feel like a new woman. I was panic-stricken when I first started working out with the trainer.”

“I didn’t think I would be able to cope and there were times when I was so worried about it that I had difficulty breathing.”

“But once I got into a regular routine, I could really feel my life turning around. I now feel so much more confident and healthier.”

What was the cause of her weight gain?

Frankie believes that the cause of her weight issues was the death of her mother at the age of 14, which left her living off microwave meals.

“I started to put on a lot of weight. My dad was amazing bringing us up but cooking wasn’t his strong point.”

At 18 Frankie went on her first crash diet, where she lost 3 stone very quickly. Unfortunately this left her with saggy skin around her waist and arms.

“I lost the weight too quickly and without embracing a healthier lifestyle. I was way too skinny and it left me with a lot of loose skin, particularly around my tummy.”

“It was embarrassing because people mistakenly thought I’d previously had a child and the sagging skin was baby fat as a result of the pregnancy.”

“It wasn’t at all – it was just down this diet. I’ve never had a child.”

What followed was a period of yo-yo dieting, where she would gain weight due to her partying only to lose weight again for instance to go on holidays with her other reality TV show friends to Marbella.

How did she lose the weight?

Instead of eating microwave meals like she used to, Frankie has embraced healthy eating and also stated she now uses a smaller plate.

“I hate leaving food and always like to clear my plate. I find it helpful to use a smaller plate – psychologically the meal seems bigger if it is piled up on a smaller plate rather than spread out over a bigger.”

Frankie weight loss successFrankie has also revealed that she worked out 4 times a week with a personal trainer.

The final bit of help Frankie received was in the form of a supplement called Raspberry K2, which is made from Raspberry Ketones, the fat burning ingredient made famous following its appearance on the Dr Oz Show.

“The Forza K2s made a big difference. They gave me more energy before my sessions with Ian and they sped up my metabolism.”

“I’d often forget about food because I simply didn’t feel hungry. This was the first time that I have really got to grips with a proper exercise regime.”

“I’m addicted to it now and won’t go back to my old lifestyle. I love the feeling of wellbeing it gives me.”

“The days of my weight yo-yoing are over.”

Who else has tried Raspberry K2?

Along with hundreds if not thousands of public users there have been a number of celebrity users of Raspberry K2.

These include former TOWIE star Sam Faiers, Binky Felstead of Made In Chelsea Fame, model Casey Batchelor and Apprentice star Luisa Zissman.

Where can you buy Raspberry K2?

You can buy Raspberry K2 from the ForzaSupplements website.

A months supply will set you back £16, which is incredibly affordable for such a popular and effective supplement.

Click here to buy Forza Raspberry K2

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