Frankie Essex weight loss

Frankie Essex weight loss

Recently one of the stars of the popular reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, Frankie Essex has been pictured showing off the results of her weight loss efforts.

Why did Frankie Essex need to lose weight?

Having previously tried diets such as the Cambridge Diet, Frankie has revealed that she has always struggled to keep those pounds from creeping on even while growing up.

Frankie Essex before weight loss

Following her decision to leave the hit show her confidence has never been lower, hence why she has decided to give this meal replacement diet a shot.

“My confidence has never felt so low. Since I have left TOWIE, I felt like I couldn’t go out and do what I wanted to do.”

How much weight did Frankie Essex lose?

Before starting the Exante Diet she weighed 12st 7lbs and had hoped to lose 3 stone by the summer.

Frankie Essex weight lossJust two months later the 26 year old reality star has lost 2 stone in weight and can now fit into a size 8 just by using a meal replacement plan called the Exante Diet.

During these 2 months she replaced her usual high calorie meals and snacks with a range of diet shakes, soups, bars and food packs.

Frankie had this to say about her results:

“I am so much more confident now.”

“I can fit into a size 8 dress – which wouldn’t even have zipped up when I started the diet.”

“Now I’m back to feeling like the old Frankie.”

“I would recommend the diet to anyone trying to lose weight for a holiday, their wedding and also those who have lost their confidence and feel that losing weight would help them.”

Although these meal replacement products were low in calories, they still provide 100% of your recommended daily allowance of both vitamins and minerals so there is no worry that you will suffer any issues while taking them.

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