Are your friends making you feel fat?

Are your friends making you feel fat?

It is well known that women love to compare themselves with their friends. Now a study at the Mount Alison University in Eastern Canada has discovered that women are also experiencing the same body hangups as their friends too.

What did the study entail?

During the study 75 pairs of female friends were asked how often they would talk to each other about their body issues. This included their weight, the amount of exercise they did and their relationship with food.

The final question was whether they thought their friends pressured them about their weight.

What were the results of the study?

At the conclusion of the study it was discovered that regardless of their current weight the women always felt like they needed to be slimmer after talking to their friends.

Those that spoke to their friends more often about their body hangups were even more self conscious.

The study also discovered that those women who discussed exercise with their friends also had the lowest body confidence of those studied.

It was concluded that the friends would mirror each others concerns, suggesting that it was their own perception rather than their own thoughts that created these body issues.

Researchers Dr Louise Wasylkiw and Molly Williamson stated:

“Our research demonstrates that friends influence each other through at least three processes: perceived pressure to be thin; body-related talk; and perceptions. Although these perceptions are somewhat grounded in reality, i.e. they are close to the truth, they are more influential than reality.”

In conclusion

Although this study suggests that your friends can make you feel fat, they can also help support your weight loss efforts too.

A good friend can be supportive and can offer encouragement during those difficult times when you want to quit.

If you want to lose weight then a good friend willing to listen will give you a better chance of success.

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