Fruit juice causes weight gain

Fruit juice causes weight gain

With summer now in full swing there are many of us swapping our favourite chocolate bars for more healthy options such as fruit juice.

However despite claims to be healthy this is just one of the food types that may cause weight gain.

Why is fruit juice so unhealthy?

For a start fruit juice contains calories, lots of them. In fact you may be consuming as many as 150 calories in just one minute.

Fruit juice also lacks fibre, which is essential if you want to avoid sugar crashes.

When we eat fresh fruit that contains fibre a protective barrier will coat your intestine resulting in the absorption of sugar being slowed.

However without this layer of protection you will unfortunately suffer from a sugar crash that could leave you feeling irritable, hungry and tired.

Rather than drinking fruit juice it is recommended that you drink water or at the very least sugar-free squash.

Fresh fruit is also recommended as this can be a good source of fibre.

Other unhealthy foods

Dieticians at the supermarket chain Tesco have put together a list of foods that could catch out an unsuspecting dieters who may believe a food to be healthy when in reality it isn’t.

Here are some of the unlikely offenders:

Olive oil

Although this may be a better option than most oils it still contains as much as 50 calories in a single teaspoon.

Rather than buying pouring olive oil instead buy it in a spray that will limit the amount of calories you consume.

Brown bread

Although this type of bread is supposed to be high in fibre some companies simply use dye to change the colour to brown.

For this reason you should keep an eye out for wholemeal or wholegrain bread.

Low fat foods

Even if a food is said to be low fat this does not mean that it is not full of sugar, often these foods are pumped with sugar to ensure they taste nicer.

You should always compare the labels of both ‘original’ and ‘low fat’ versions, you may be surprised with what you find out.

Dried fruit and nuts

Both are good sources of fibre so it is unfortunate that they are often coated in sugar, in the case of the fruit and salt with the nuts.

You should keep an eye out for unsalted nuts and eat fresh fruit if possible.

In conclusion

Always ensure you check the labels of the foods you buy. Even if it looks like it may be a healthy option it may not be.

Also remember that a healthy lifestyle also involves a little exercise. Just a few hours a week will result in huge changes to both your weight and your health.

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