Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe Reveals Weight Loss

Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe Reveals Weight Loss

Star of the 2009 film Precious, Gabourey Sidibe has recently shown off her recent weight loss results.

Pictured on the Watch What Happens Live red carpet, the 33 year old wearing a patterned red, white and yellow skirt with a figure-hugging netted black top the actress looks slimmer than ever.

How much weight has Gabourey Sidibe lost?

It has been reported that she has lost as much as 100 lbs, which is the equivalent to around 7 stone.

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

What has prompted this weight loss?

While Gabourey Sidibe has always tried to be positive about her body, she has always struggled with her weight, which led to bullying in high school.

“Junior high school is a battlefield. It sucked for me.”

“High school sucked for me. I didn’t get good with myself until I was like, 25 years old. Tell her to hold strong. Tell her to hold on, but it’ll be worth it, honestly.”

Whatever her reasons for this weight loss, I hope that she continues. She looks so happy with her current results, and healthier too.

How did she achieve her weight loss?

To achieve her weight loss results Gabourey Sidibe has undergone weight loss surgery, with laparoscopic bariatric surgery being undertaken at the UCLA Medical Center in May 2016.

This particular surgery is minimally invasive and reports state that the surgery was a sleeve gastrectomy.

After the successful operation she has continued to work towards her weight loss goals with the help of a nutritionist and a trainer.

How can you achieve the same results?

Of course, weight loss surgery is an option for some, but for most this will prove too expensive. Similarly a nutritionist and trainer maybe too expensive for most too.

Don’t despair however, as there are still plenty of ways that you can achieve your weight loss goals.

For a start you should consider making a few healthier food choices. Out should go the junk and processed foods, these should instead be replaced by ‘whole‘ foods, which are foods that have been minimally processed.

These types of food are naturally low in calories, but are filling and provide many of the nutrients you require for good health.

You should also try to eat more fibre and protein-rich foods too. Both are filling, with the fibre being good for your digestive health and the protein essential for maintaining muscle.

What you drink has an impact on your weight too, so try to cut back on soft drinks. Instead opt for water, as it is free from calories and has been shown to curb your appetite.

Next is exercise, while it may not be as important for weight loss as once thought. Regular exercise is still good for your overall health, so make time to do a little every day.

PhenQStress and a lack of sleep can also affect your weight, so try to take steps to reduce stress, while aiming to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night.

Finally, I would recommend looking at a product such as PhenQ.

This product is made from proven ingredients and is likely to offer the following benefits:

  • Fat burning
  • Appetite reduction
  • Mood boost
  • Energy lift

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