Will you gain weight this Christmas?

Will you gain weight this Christmas?

With the upcoming Christmas holiday almost upon us you may be starting to worry about gaining a few excess pounds.

Unfortunately you are not the only one and chances are if you are not careful then you may gain as much as 13 pounds over the Christmas period.

So, will you gain weight this Christmas? Lets look at some reasons why you may gain weight and possible ways that you can prevent it from happening.

What causes the weight gain at Christmas?

There are many reasons why we tend to gain weight over Christmas, from a lack of exercise to our overindulgence of those sweets and alcoholic beverages.

Those Christmas and New Year parties also have a part to play.

So, is there anything that you can do to prevent the weight gain this Christmas? Here are some tips that could help:

#1: Choose foods associated with healthy body weights

This may sound obvious yet many of us will be lured by the temptation of the junk food at Christmas.

If you value your health though you should try to stick to healthier foods with just the occasional indulgence.

This means that you should include foods like fruit and vegetables, as they are low in calories yet can help to fill you up, plus foods that are high in protein and fibre.

The following food swaps could be a good idea:

  • Salad instead of white bread
  • Roasted nuts instead of crisps
  • Seafood (prawns for instance) instead of sausages

#2: Listen to your body

Try to listen to how your body feels. For example are you eating because you are hungry or simply because you are bored or because everyone else is eating.

Christmas Weight LossIf you are eating for any reason besides hunger then you are making a mistake that could lead to weight gain.

#3: Use a smaller plate

Using a smaller plate will ensure you are eating less as you will subconsciously think that you have eaten a full meal.

Just try to avoid stacking your food or going for seconds.

#4: Go for a walk

There is no reason for you to crash in front of the television as soon as you have finished your Christmas dinner.

Get up and get moving. Not only will you be burning off the food you have just eaten, but you will be helping to spend a little time away from the temptation of those sweets at home.

#5: Watch your intake of soft drinks and alcohol

Both soft drinks and alcohol are full of ‘empty calories’ which are so-called because these calories offer very little nutritional benefit.

Of course allow yourself the occasional indulgence, but perhaps have a glass of water between drinks.

Final words of advice

While you may gain weight this Christmas it will not be the end of the world. Just make sure that you return to your healthier ways as soon as possible.

If you continue with your overindulgence then chances are a little weight gain at Christmas could turn into a lot of excess weight being gained by Easter.

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