Is the Garcinia Active Slim trial an auto-ship scam?

Is the Garcinia Active Slim trial an auto-ship scam?

Using Garcinia Active Slim is claimed to help you to “reach your weight loss goals now”, but how does it work and is it as effective as it is claimed to be?

In this review we will see what this supplement contains and whether there are any hidden charges that we need to be aware of. Trial offers like this are often hiding their true cost in their terms and conditions.

Claims made by Garcinia Active Slim

Garcinia Active Slim has made the following claims on its website:

  • Highest premium quality
  • Dosage backed by International studies
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Standardised to 60% HCA levels

Rather than focussing on its benefits, Garcinia Active Slim has listed some interesting facts that if true would mean that it is a quality supplement that really works.

To check its effectiveness we would need to look at its ingredients in more detail.

Ingredients found in Garcinia Active Slim

Not only is the label present, but the website also mentions the ingredients of Garcinia Active Slim in good detail.

The main ingredient unsurprisingly is Garcinia Cambogia, with this supplement containing 60% HCA, which is a good indicator of how good the quality is.

Garcinia Active Slim also contains White Kidney Bean extract that has also been shown to promote weight loss.

Combined I can certainly see this supplement being able to help with your own weight loss efforts.

Price of Garcinia Active Slim

After viewing the terms and conditions of this particular offer I can see why there may be some complaints about the trial.

When you first sign up there will be a $4.94 charge. However, just 14 days later you will be charged again, this time for $89.99.

As with most trial offers, Garcinia Active Slim is an auto-ship program, so you will find that you will continue to receive packages and the bills until your account is cancelled.

Is Garcinia Active Slim a scam?

Garcinia Active Slim is not a scam, and it will help with your weight loss efforts.

What lets it down is its use of auto-shipping, as people will sign up not knowing about the high cost. When they are eventually charged they will likely feel aggrieved.

For this reason alone my suggestion would be to look for an alternative.

Contact details for Garcinia Active Slim

As well as being able to cancel the trial via the website you can also contact Garcinia Active Slim using the following details:

Phone: 1-877-409-4136
Email: info@garciniaactiveslim.com

If you have signed up for this trial offer then we would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

Alternative to Garcinia Active Slim

If you do not want to sign up to an auto-ship program then our suggested alternative to Garcinia Active Slim is a supplement called Garcinia Pure, a supplement available to buy outright online via the Evolution Slimming website.

This particular supplement contains pure Garcinia Cambogia, with 1,000 mg per capsule and 60% HCA as a symbol of its quality.

It is not available for trial so there is no risk of encountering any hidden or repeat charges.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

16 comments on "Is the Garcinia Active Slim trial an auto-ship scam?"
  1. Big mistake!! Want to return but need a RMA. They said they would send an e-mail with this info but after 3 days nothing. So i have been on the phone, going on 2 hours. How in the heck can i get this RMA if they wont answer the phone??? HELP

    • Call your bank & put a stop on it as unauthorized withdrawal transaction and let them know you tried without success to reach the company.Good luck!

    • You won’t get a refund even with an RMA. I did so and when they got the unopened bottle back. I called and now they claim the bottle was “tampered” how convenient. PLUS…they won’t even send me back the bottle to keep or so I may see how it was tampered with. Seeking legal advice and speaking with my bank and Master Card to get issue resolved.

  2. Canceled my credit card, requesting new card!

  3. cant seem to get my trial to cancel.pls help me

  4. Scam!! A week ago i got a FREE bottle as the website said then the charged me 89.99!! I want a refund!!!!!

    • If you send anything back for refund…TAKE A PICTURE. They are scam artist and will lie about tampered product as a reason NOT to refund you any money back…

  5. This is scam, they wouldnt let you cancel membrrship without fees. I am about to file a consumer complaint.
    Too bad…I didnt even get to try this product, now even if its good i will never order anything from them. There are plenty of similar products online for much cheaper price.

    • Wish I had read some of these comments before ordering a 4.95 scam offer. 89.99 is a lot of money to not get back if you send back untampered product.

    • no way to cancel the orders I cannot afford to lose this money need it for medication. Called both numbers and got a busy signal. I wish some one who knew how would file a consumer complaint.

  6. I had $141 taken out by these scam artists on Christmas day. On my bank statement it says activeplushelp.com. When I went to that web address, only an email address and some overseas phone numbers. Have sent them an email, so see what happens. I would at least expect a receipt or invoice or something to acknowledge my payment. If they can extract this money from my bank on Christmas day, you would think they could send me an invoice or some promo material. This is a lot of money for a product that is likely not going to work. There is no way that I would agree to spend that much on tablets when I can get the equivalent from my local pharmacy anytime. Does anybody have a direct phone contact for this place.

  7. Yes these ppl are total scam artists. I ordered on a friday saw the email says i must cancel or be charged 89 a month. Had not received product as of monday kept researching product and decided to cancel. Well because i still have not received the product i was charged half price for “keeping them.” Im told i can only receive the refund when they receive the product. I will be taking photos of my unopened bottles to return. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Got the “free trial”. Called to cancel before the 2 week period, got the RMA numbers and mailed both bottles back unopened! Still charged my card and fortunately my credit card company is doing all the leg work to clear this all up.
    This scamming company actually put into writing in their response to my CC company that I was attempting to steal product!!!! They have no record of my cancellation and unfortunately I didn’t keep the RMA numbers I was given. Lying, scamming dirtbags!

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