Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus scam review

Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus scam review

Having come across an advertorial featuring both Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus I thought it would make sense to look at both supplements to see if they could actually help you to reach your weight loss goals.

It will also be a good idea to look at the true cost of each supplement as in the past trial offers such as this have turned out to be auto-ship scams.

Benefits of Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus

The following benefits have been claimed:

Garcinia Basics +

  • Burn fat
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Block fat
  • Increase serotonin levels
  • Reduce calorie intake

Basic Cleanse Plus

  • Stabilise your appetite
  • Stimulate weight loss
  • Increase energy

It is important when choosing a dietary supplement that you avoid the claims and hype and focus on facts, which is why we are not going to comment on how accurate the above claims are. Well, not yet anyway.

Ingredients found in Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus

Unsurprisingly Garcinia Basics is made using Garcinia Cambogia, the fat burning ingredient made popular on the Dr Oz Show.

Unfortunately there is no mention of how much Garcinia is present, or the percentage of HCA, which is what makes it so effective at burning fat.

Basic Cleanse Plus on the other hand is made using Thiamine, Niacinamide, Biotin, Riboflavin, Vitamin b-6 and Pantothenic Acid, but again does not disclose the dosages.

This lack of ingredient information makes me seriously doubt the claims made by both supplements.

Cost of Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus

You would be surprised at the true cost of both supplements as although the initial sign up cost is low (just the cost of shipping) this soon increases after 14 days when you will be charged the full purchase price.

For Garcinia Basics + you will be charged £56.64, while the Basic Cleanse Plus cost is £55.84.

If you signed up to both trial offers this will be a lot of money to fork out in one go.

To make matters worse, both products operate an auto-ship scheme so you will be sent further monthly packages, while being charged for the privilege

As with all auto-ship programs these deliveries and charges will continue until your subscription is cancelled.

Should these two supplements be avoided?

Without doubt you should avoid both trial offers. There are doubts that they even work and the use of auto-shipping is surely going to lead to complaints.

There is very little to recommend about either supplement. My advice would be to look elsewhere.

How to contact/cancel your trial?

To contact or cancel your subscription I suggest you use the following contact details, according to the T&Cs you will only be able to cancel by phoning:

Garcinia Basics

Phone: +44-845-5280229

Basic Cleanse Plus

Phone: 0-800-098-8030

Please leave a message below if you have been caught out by either trial offer.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Proven alternative to these supplements

If you are looking for an alternative to these 2 supplements then I would recommend that you take a look at the Garcinia Pure Colon Cleanse Package that you can buy from the Evolution Slimming website.

This particular package contains Garcinia Pure and Detox Plus that are two of the more popular supplements available in their range.

Both supplements are proven and are considerably cheaper than the combined cost of Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus at just £49.99 for a months supply of both supplements.

As this package is not available as a trial you can rest easy knowing your money is safe from any hidden charges.

Click here to buy the Garcinia Pure Colon Cleanse Package

81 comments on "Garcinia Basics + and Basic Cleanse Plus scam review"
  1. I ordered these 2 products with just the postage to pay I will be ringing the phone number you gave first thing in the morning thanks for letting stupid people like me know

    • I ordered the Basics Plus which arrived yesterday. I had my suspicions regarding any costs at a later date – should have trusted my ‘gut’ instincts. I will be ringing the phone number provider.

      Thank you for enlightening me. ROBYN

    • I thought I had ordered the two products for just the cost of postage BUT the 14 days you have to cancel the monthly subscription starts from the day you order the goods, NOT from the day you receive the goods!! so I have been charged the FULL amount for each bottle. And on top of that, I have only received one product! I placed the order on line on 17.01.15 and received half my order on 20.02.15!! That is over a month!! I was told to wait another week for the 2nd item to arrive – the girl couldn’t answer why the products were sent separately … Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

  2. I ordered this products and i received it few days ago. Pls how to cancel it coz i used my boyfriend’s debit card.

  3. I ordered these 2 products online and was charged just the shipping. InJan 2015, I was charged R1057 and again R 1029 off my credit card and nothing seems that it can be done. I read it on health24. What a rip off, if I email them, they say it will be delivered. It has now been 3 months and nothing. I even phoned and still have nothing. Seems I lost about R3000.00

    • The same happen to me as with Samantha, I stopped my credit card.
      I received last week the basic cleanse, and that was all.

    • i ordered the same 2 products online and was also charged just the shipping
      in march 2015 i was also charged Rand1057 and again R1029 and R989 andR1129.it took for ages to get only one small bottle garcinia basic +
      the other never arived. then i noticed that each credit card transection was from a diferent company: something .com i went to the bank and claimed my money back i did get it

    • How can i get in touch with compant to cancel?

  4. I ordered these 2 products and paid a total of R2,550.00. To date I have not received anything. This was my own stupidity.

  5. I ordered for garcinia basic plus it took about a month before I had it

  6. We’ll I just received my bottle today after waiting for it for nearly a month I got charged the shipping and 56.64 pretty much straight away when I ordered so an hour later I had a chat to online support and it took a long time just to explain to them that I did not realise about the auto shipments every month and seeing as it was a trial by the end the customer should have the opportunity to pay for more or not and just pay for the first bottle. We’ll finally one of them wrote back ” ok fine we will cancel your subscription” but it was quite the struggle! now I’m just left wondering did they actually do that? And um now I have a bottle I took one tonight will it do nothing at all or will it work or worst of all did the poison it?

    • Thats my exact same experience my bottle just came today and Now im wondering should I even bother taking this ??? did you take yours and what was your experience??? Katie

  7. hi do not give bank detail to any one on the wed . do not give bank details to any one on the web .DO NOT GIVE ANY ONE BANK DETAILS ON THE WEB . if u do then open a small accound with just a few dollars in it so they carn,t rip u of foe hundred or thousands . I happens to stupid people alL the time . BE WISE WITH YOUR MONEY.pay with some thing like paypal . I AM TELLING U FOR THE LAST TIME JERRY , DON,T GIVE BANK CARD NO OR ANY CREDIT DETAILS ON THE WEB . cya ron

  8. Hy has any one tried to cancel and unsubscribe ??? I have also bought this now I want to unsubscribe??

  9. hi i have also payed for a sample from garcinia basis and have rang and cancelled the follow up order but they ignored me and still took out $123.14 from my bank account and i have complained to the bank and had to have my account number stopped and today three weeks later they are saying that they are now posting the product to me WARNING : TELL EVERY ONE DO NOT BUY GARCINIA BASICS+.

  10. I have phoned the numbers for both products and it seems they are disconnected. Has anyone got another number?

  11. I tried to ring the numbers but we’re told they were disconnected. I did the next and most safest thing cancelled my credit card and got a new one!

  12. They charged me $129 twice. I’m on the phone to them but can’t seem to get through to them. This is a rip off! What’s the best numver or email to contact then? How do I unsuscribe?

  13. I too ordered the free trial (1 bottle of Garcinia Basics +) and did not receive it for a month. In the meantime there were 3 charges taken off my credit card for a total of approx $120 AUD from some mob in GBR. I immediately had my card stopped and a new one issued so at least they cannot take any more unauthorised transactions from me. It is embarrassing to be taken for a fool like this! From now on I will stick to Paypal for all online transactions and now if the place doesn’t offer Paypal I don’t order.

    • I also ordered the free trial in December & received nothing. A month later while checking my credit card statement a total of R4000.00 was taken off for the product which I still had not received. I contacted them on their chat line & they gave me a number in South Africa to call. NO one was interested as I did not advise them to cancel my order within the trial period. I cannot get anyone to understand that to date I have not received any products at all!!!

  14. These people are corrupt and I wish someone would take them on. They subtracted more than a R1000 since I didn’t cancel the ‘enrollment’ within 14 days. It has, however, been 3 weeks since I ordered it and it has still not been delivered! Aren’t any of you lawyers?

  15. They svindeled me. This is really an unserious firm. How could I be so STUPID?? Well I guess i have learned a lesson on this one.

  16. What an absolute nightmare. I feel so stupid. Ordered the “trial” products. The postage was first deducted from my account which was okay as that is what was advertised. THEN, one day after the 14 day introductory time frame was up, an amount of $A120.33 was deducted from my account. I rang my bank and they advised that a “subscription” was mentioned in the T’s & C’s.
    Did I tell you how stupid I feel?
    I made contact through the computer chat which was, to say the least, frustrating.
    I rang the phone support number on my order receipt. Finally spoke to a real person who advised that the products that I have not received yet were probably held up in customs. I was then advised that once I had received them I could contact Support again and get a return authorisation and return mailing address and send the products back. Once they received them, they would then refund me the $A120.33. I asked what the return mailing address would be and was told Milan, Italy!!!!! Yep, somehow I think that it would never turn up if I sent it.
    The operator then said that if I kept the products (which I have not received yet) they could offer me a 50% refund of the $A120.33.
    While I pulled my hair out and banged my head against the wall, I agreed to this offer.
    Now I have to wait up to 10 working days before I see the money back in my account. This also means that I cannot cancel my credit card. But that’s okay as it’s a debit card only and I have transferred all my funds out of the linked account. If, by some miracle, the refund turns up, I will then cancel my card and order a new one at my expense.
    First time I have ever been scammed. Did I mention how STUPID I feel???

    • So, I had ordered the “trial” at the end of January right?? I FINALLY received the Cleanse on the 23rd of Feb and still have not received the other product. I did get my 50% refund which absolutely astounded me. I do know that these disgusting scammers who prey on people’s feelings of inadequacy (because of being overweight) will get their’s in the end as I am a firm believer in “what goes around, comes around”.

      • Hi Thanks for your comment. please let me know how to get in touched with these people as i all fell for there scam. they debited my account and i still have no product.

      • Hi , I feel exactly like you, so stupid and vulnerable. I have been scammed to the extent that all my money was taken from my account and I had not received any product until some turned up today. Did you send yours back? How did you get a refund. I am really ashamed I fell into this trap.
        Please reply to my email.

      • Jasmine hi, Garcinia Basics is a company that has been set up to deceive its customers. The only way to cancel is to have your credit card or stopped or bank account closed. You can ring them but that is difficult & can only be achieved using a mobile phone because of the 61+ number. But if you do get through to customer care you need to abuse & theaten the operated with every thing you have got. This worked for me after I had canceled my credit card & got a partial refund.

        The good news is that if you live in Australia the credit card provider will refund your stolen money & a class action is about to brought against this company.


  17. Even though you have the product. Are you still talking it? Does it work? I ordered both products but there still sitting on the dresser as I got a real sore stomach ache 3 hours after and lasted for 2 days where i was sent home from work. It felt like real bad cramps. They have unsubscribed me because I asked why i was billed $127nz dollars. There reply was that i hadn’t called back within 14 days of ordering the product (which i actually did) weather i am satisfied with the product, so i was charged the full amount. I told them in a non polite way “how could i give you a response if I didn’t even received the product within 14 days”. This is just a POISONES SCAM

  18. Thank you SOOO much for the warning. You are so right not only is the product inferior the company is unethical. I as a pensioner signed up for a free trial of both products which was only supposed to cost one lot of postage, they charged me for 2. After I read you comment,I rang to check, and found they had sent a second order and charged my credit card A$88 for one bottle! I rang an Australian number only to find after half an hour of repeating my name and explaining myself, I was paying for an overseas call on my mobile! I was told I could cancel my a/c but had to wait until the second order to arrive , return it to a VERY suspicious address in ITALY, then call again and they would refund my money, all the while being asked to wait, and paying for an overseas call. I finally lost my temper and told them I was going to have my influential daughter post in the media about the company, they then agreed to refund my money to my credit card. I have not even tried the trial product, and don’t want to !

    • So with you on this one – total scam. Rang the overseas call centre on an Australian number. “Did you read the terms and conditions? Too bad, so sad, too late, we’ve charged your card $89.95”. I asked them to cancel it all – after 4 weeks plus just received the 2nd (Garcinia) product and posted it back to MILAN for a refund. Cost me $18.20 in postage (I used their unopened packet). Will I ever see the 89.95? Feel like an idiot, especially when I saw an ad for the Garcinia at Chemist Warehouse for $20. They pretend it’s a free trial but the small print requires cancellation in 14 days for the Garcinia, 16 days for the Basic Cleanse (made that date to be told I was out of time for the GC to be cancelled). Got a ‘posted product’ notice on Day 15 ie too late to cancel. Must be a multi million dollar scam preying on people who give Dr Oz some credibility since they use him heavily in their advertising, which swayed me. Crooks!!!

  19. hello i also order this and still wiating for it but i dont want it anymore pleace tell me how can i cancel it i buy it with my husband credit card i”m so worry

  20. Oh my word! I can’t believe I fell for this. I am not one to purchase things online and for the first time that I do, I get scammed. I can’t believe this at all. Two charges later of over R1000 and still nit received the product.

  21. I ordered the trial product in December but have never received it. Yet they charged me oevr R1000 full price for another one since I have not contacted them within 14 days after reciving the trial one (which was impossible0. They agreed to cancel all.future ones and agreed to send me the two taht i have paid for, but they have never arrived. Their support e-mailaddress is bogus, the telephone numbers they gave were both bogus, teh chat lione which si teh only way to contact them blocked my IP number forever. I lost about R1100. Now I hope they will honour,
    their undertaling notbto charge me for subsequent months. I shall never again give my bank details to an overseas company unless I know them to be reputable, like Amazon.

  22. As all the above, I NEVER have done this before. First time and WHAM. Got caught. Ordered 14th January. Still waiting for product.
    Third charge went off yesterday. E-Mailed: myaccsupport.com and had it verified FUTURE orders are cancelled. Not prepared to do anything about processed orders. Even though I have not received anything.
    Have lodged a dispute with my bank for reversal of debits. (ALL OF THEM)
    Call 0875502437 (SA) and talk to them. ( 27 875502437)

  23. I ordered it over a month ago.today I recieved only the basic cleanse..are these people stupid or what..all they keep saying is to be patient and that it’s the customs that are taking time..also to return the product if unsatisfied they ask for you to send it back sealed..how do u retirn something closed when uve used it..idiots !!

  24. Hello There I ordered a trial pack to try, then I got pregnant and cannot use it, then I see you are continuing to charge me and send me products, this is not what I wanted. I will be returning the product and get a full refund please, the bottles will be sealed. I then want you to cancel renewing my orders. thanks

    • The above is a review, we cannot help with refunds as we are not associated with the above product. I suggest you try contacting them using the contact details I have provided above.

  25. These guys are rip-off artist, they send you a “free” sample, but when you sign up for the “free” sample you are actually signing up to receive the product monthly and they will deduct approximately $90 + every month. Real pirate marketing. BEWARE !!!!!

  26. may i know what gelatin is in this product? any pig gelatin?

  27. This is the biggest scam you can get. stay away. more that a month late still no product but they debited my credit card. please we need to stop these people. UNHAPPY SOUTH AFRICA……

  28. hi, i am from Malaysia. after I’ve been charged USD 89.90 and USD88.63 for each bottle of garcinia basic & basic cleanse on my credit card then only I realized it’s not free after all. I never even see the 14 days terms & condition.i called their toll free no to demand an explanation but they only say the 14 days grace period. they will refund me the money back if I were to return the product to them – it’s in Italy. it’ll cost me another USD 30 for this which I got to fork out. I called them again today to take the offer of 50% discount. never again will I buy stuff online. learn my expensive lesson today

  29. Has anyone been successful in having their money refunded? This is a malicious scam and the people running it have no morals at all. All the emails bounce and the phone numbers are false. How can they get away with this fraud?

    • Grannyjan hi,

      The phone numbers are not false, you can get through by using a mobile phone tap the number then tap call. It’s the 61+ part of the number that can’t be dialed from a land line. When you get through, you have to threaten & abuse the operator until the give in. If they hang up ring back & do it again.

      The good news is that if you live in Australia the banks are refunding money that has scammed from their customers by this company, because they are mounting a class action to compensate for the monies they refund. So contact your bank.

  30. Goodday
    Please stop any further sending of your goods. I did not receive any off you products.
    I cancelled my order. Order no; 100412735.
    I am from South Africa.
    Will you please take note and stop any further refund en send my money back.

    • This is a review, please use the information provided above to contact them to cancel.

    • well well well, i wish i knew of all these complaints before i reacted on an advertisement and ordered these products. As with all others, charges of $120 went off my bank account…first one, then couple of days later an second one. Needless to say, no reply from support. What a total scam

  31. I’ve ordered both products and was charged $98USD each when I thought I will get it on trial and only pay R52 &R58 which was written on advert. Today I received Garcinia Basics+ for an order placed last November.

  32. My experience has been very good. I rang the perth, Australian phone number. Understood that when the hold music stopped and there was a delay, it was probably ly being diverted to Skype or the like. A lady took my details, someone else rang me bk in less than five mins and a confirmation email of me canceling my subscription was sent promptly afterwoods…..surely I can’t b the o n!y person who has had this experience

  33. Like others I feel such a fool for being so concerned about my weight that I fell for this. I did it once before with some other tablet and cancelled my card to stop the withdrawals. With Garcinia Basics and Basic cleanse plus I ordered in england on Jan 27th received shipping notifications on feb 3 and feb 12th. Now this stuff is meant to be used together so I could not do that till I had both. Before I got the Garcinia Basics I saw the full charge for the first bottle, phoned the bank for the Credit card I used, they were helpful, they said email them which I did, but by Feb 27th I have been charged for 4 bottles -over £200 but the bank have now cancelled any further charges but now I shall try to recover the £200. I did speak to customer Care, they boast the best in the world -well they can afford it cant they. I was told ,send the 2nd shipment back to an Address in Milan and they will give a 50% refund. i will take that but hope I can pursue the rest thro the bank (Halifax) by disputing the charges, my dates may help because they made the trial impossible. BUT WHERE DO THEY SAY ITS A 14 DAY TRIAL ? customer services mentioned this but where?. I agree about PAYPAL. I am also concerned about returning something to Milan as with UK Royal Mail you cannot track outside england .If they are wicked enough in deceitful trading like this then they could easily dump the envelopes and recycle the full bottles. The DTI or OFT should be notified becasue this is criminal even if they scrape in as legal -it is not fair trading it is deceptive.

  34. Please can’t you stop sending my basic cleanse tablet I would like to cancel my order

  35. Do you have any idea how I cancel the order? I just placed it today, should I go straight to my bank and cancel the order before they send it to me?

  36. I don’t want these anymore so can you please stop sending them.

  37. I am not happy that I have been getting money taken out of my account with no warning and they were in $100 dollar lots. I haven’t even received any more products because I don’t believe that two bottles is what that costs. I will never buy anything again.

  38. This was my unpleasant experience. I found the only way to cancel the order, was to cancel my credit card. I copy my correspondence below. (I have received no reply):

    Good day,

    I have been trying to call your help center, but to no avail – the phone just rings with no answer.

    I placed my order on 29.12.2014 and received notification that products had been shipped to me on 07.01.2015. (Shipping Notification #502133163 and #502133157).

    To date, no products have been received.

    According to your terms and conditions:

    By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Garcinia Basics + and billed only shipping and handling. If you feel Garcinia Basics + is not for you, cancel within 14 days from the date of your order (today) to avoid the purchase fee of $97.09 and enrollment in the Exclusive Garcinia Basics + auto-shipment program which sends you a 1 month supply every 30 days starting 30 days from delivery of the purchase for $97.09 plus shipping and handling of $7.43. To cancel at any time call +61-281034084

    1. How can the special trial offer of “Free Product – pay only for shipping and handling” be contradicted by avoiding the purchase fee if you cancel within 14 days?

    2. How does one cancel within 14 days, saying it is not for you, if no product has been received?

    3. How can you start shipping a second supply, 30 days from delivery of the purchase, when delivery has not taken place?

    4. I ordered these products from a site which stated it was a South African site. I therefore assumed there would be no import duties or any need for customs clearance. Why state a site is South African if this is not so?


    Yours sincerely

    • I do not sell any products, the above REVIEW also does not endorse this product.

      I suggest you send your grievances to them using the contact details I have provided. 🙂

  39. Hey tis overseas crap is taking to long to get here can someone tel me where to get in south africa??i ordeted in january and it only came today 5months later pls help

  40. My partner ordered the garcinia basics + and basic cleanse on our credit card believing that he was paying for a free trial and would be charged shipping only. Turns out, he was charged by acctsupport.com from Great Brittain for the shipping and first product trial, then charged for the full cost by the same merchant – acctsupport.com. Two weeks later (not one month) he was charged again full price by ktonsfrhealth.com (US) and a third merchant called looktthbd.com (Mauritiius). There are four different companies now with our credit card details, and all provide the same phone number for customer enquires. Of course I cancelled the credit card and now when I call them, they say they are called Vitatrade.com (US). SO WHO ARE WE DEALING WITH? They have breached privacy and shared credit card details between different merchants for the sale of these products. Did anyone also receive transactions on credit card from these other merchants in other parts of the world?

  41. I have ordered this product last year! yes I’m in South Africa so i assumed that it would take a bit longer, (almost 6 months) OK but i did receive my products. In Fact i complained two months after i ordered, they apologized and they reshipped another 2 bottles (free). I have received all 4 bottles and they never charged me anything afterwards.

    • I also received mine after 7 months. When I didn’t receive after 9 days I sent an email and cancelled my debit order. It wasn’t easy but I managed to cancel. I forgot about the order as I never thought I will get anything but 7 months down the line I got all 4 bottles 2 basic cleanses, 1 garcinia basics and advanced garcinia Cambodia. Now the challenge is to see if the product works. started taking the basic cleanse and garcinia basics today. will give it a week and see if there is any change.

  42. I thought I would give this product a try. I, too, thought I had ordered both products and thought I had 30 days to cancel. I only received one product and waited over 14 days to receive it! (I thought perhaps my order didn’t go through. I patiently waited). I called this “company” to cancel any future orders. Well, I should have known better. The number I called was 1-888-544-7532 (I hope this help others). I have to say the representative was good in the fact that she emphasized that she cancelled my order and that there won’t be any charges. When clarifying and pushing her further, it was clear I have been charged one month. (So much for a trial offer!!!). I only hope I won’t be charged anymore. Lesson learned. I’ll never order products online again. Vitatrade is a scam; stay away from them!!


  44. Hi Jac

    I actually shockingly got the product now Im facing the contemplation of whether or not I should even attempt to use this…. the bottle of pills actually reads “these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any governing body” that does not sound good to me. what do you advise?

  45. I have got nothing from you. Give me My Money back!

  46. I want to unscribed my order please, no longer wanted how do I get in contact and stop shipment of products please.

  47. I would like to cancel any further subscription for your products
    Garcinia Basics and Basic Cleanse Plus

    They do not work and I did not expect to be charged extra after only ordering the samples
    Please REFUND my money and cancel any further contact with me

    • This is not my product as I do not have any products. If you have an issue you will need to contact whichever company you signed up with. Failing that I suggest speaking to your bank.

  48. 25 February 2016

    My Name:
    Carol Kirkbride
    10b Boronia Place
    Mount Maunganui
    Tauranga 3116
    New Zealand

    Garcinia Basis & Essential Cleanse Products – these products are being falsely advertised on the internet as being a trial product and then charges are being made to Customers Visa Accounts and ongoing product is being sent to people un-be-knowingly. I request that no further product is to be sent to me and no further charges made to my Visa Account or I will have authorities track you down and appropriate action taken. You are to refrain from doing so immediately!

    To: Vitatrade
    PO Box 1229
    Salt Lake City
    Utah 84110

    Please stop all product being sent to me under the following shipments and any other disguises being used under the following names:

    Beautyyouhealth.com – Internet US

    Carol Kirkbride

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