Garcinia Blast trial scam report

Garcinia Blast trial scam report

Over the past year there has been an ever increasing number of supplements manufactured all containing Garcinia Cambogia, no doubt to cash in on the popularity of its appearance on the Dr Oz Show.

Unfortunately despite being proven to aid your own slimming efforts there are some supplements that should be avoided.

Garcinia Blast came to my attention due to a β€˜news report’ I found online claiming to be from Women’s Health.

With a little research however, it was plain to see that this news report was a fabrication and the product itself is nothing more than a scam.

In this review we are going to look at Garcinia Blast in more detail, its ingredients and its cost before we decide if it has any redeeming qualities or if it is just a scam that you should avoid at all costs.

Garcinia Blast scam

Claims made by Garcinia Blast

The following claims have been made on the Garcinia Blast website:

  • Stop new fat from being made
  • Miracle appetite suppressor
  • Increase serotonin levels, reduce emotional eating

If the ingredients of this supplement are at a high enough dosage then these claims are certainly realistic, so we should look at the ingredients in more detail before we make any further comments.

Ingredients of Garcinia Blast

Although stating that it is made from 100% pure all natural Garcinia Cambogia extract with no harmful ingredients or cheap fillers there is no other information available.

There are no dosages mentioned, nor is there any mention of the percentage of HCA available, which makes it impossible to know how effective this product is.

Cost of Garcinia Blast

The price for Garcinia Blast is $65 plus a $14 shipping charge for 1 bottle, however the price drops dramatically the larger your order.

For example the 5 bottle package costs $199.99, which equates to $40 per bottle.

Unfortunately I would not trust ordering this product after only finding out about it through it being advertised using a fake news website.

Is Garcinia Blast a scam?

Garcinia Blast may not be a scam but I still cannot recommend it.

The lack of ingredients makes it impossible to tell how effective it is, while the price for 1 bottle is too high for a product without any ingredient information.

I would recommend looking for an alternative.

How to contact Garcinia Blast?

You can contact Garcinia Blast on 1-800-1-116-1128 or by email at help@garciniablast.com

If you have tried this supplement please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Garcinia Blast

A proven alternative to Garcinia Blast is the Garcinia Pure, which is a supplement that contains 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia, which provides 60% HCA.

This means that if used alongside a healthy diet with regular exercise you should start seeing good weight loss results.

You can buy this supplement for $62 for a months supply and get a free diet plan along with a 30 day money guarantee. Garcinia Pure may be more expensive than Garcinia Blast but the higher price highlights the quality of ingredients used.

This supplement is not available on an auto ship scheme so there is no need to worry about any continuous payments being made.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

24 comments on "Garcinia Blast trial scam report"
  1. I ordered but until now no order received please my confirmation number is **removed**.

    Reply ↓
  2. how can i order it…

    Reply ↓
  3. How can i contact garcinia blast from the philippines

    Reply ↓
  4. Is it really a scam?? Im really worried, i just placed my order awhile ago. My head really hurts because im really stressed out about this.

    Reply ↓
    • Im starting to think it’s really a scam. I received an email saying I should have received my order by now but nothing has been delivered to yet. I tried calling the hotline but it’s always cut just before I give my name. Have tried calling them uaing a magic jack and even asked someone I know from the US to call them for me. But it’s always a busy tone.

      Reply ↓
  5. I just received my Garcinia Blast. On my 1st week of trying it. Yes I share the comments above. Do notice the lack of breakdown of ingredients in the bottle label. Was asking is this real stuff ?

    Well let me try out for a month and see any effect.

    Reply ↓
  6. It’s a loophole legal scam. My wife got the trial and they have already started charging her card for new orders before the 28 day trial period expires. We can’t get in contact to stop the trial or cancel the new charges, our bank can’t stop them either. Their only suggestion is to cancel the credit card

    Reply ↓
  7. i just received mine.. ordered from US last May and delivered just Now. im from dubai but ship to address is philippines

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  8. It’s have been 3 month since I took Garcinia Blast….I have seen no different….my weight still the same….it increase last 2 days ago by 2kg…..my tummy still bulging…..disappointed…..I have 3 more bottle to go…..waste of money

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  9. You are right.. the advertisement are scam,. I was mislead into believing it’s a reputable product, when saw the review from mediacorp artist ChenLiping and ever singapore consumer. The package 1 where buy 3, get 2 free 51sgd each is misleading. I got charged $199usd instead of $153sgd. I immediately call up to cancel, but was offer 30%, which the $60usd never come even after 2 weeks. I don’t trust the product. Didn’t work at all and I got eye sight problem. The customer service claim they are 3rd party provider and fonpt know anything .. very angry for falling into this scam

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  10. Big Time Scam

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  11. Hi Mohd Khalid

    Guess you are right. It is a scam. Am into my 3rd week and hardly see/feel any changes πŸ™

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  12. BEWARE! It’s a Scam . The advertising is a gimmick! Ordered 5 bottles and was charged higher than advertised . After 3 weeks of waiting , only received 3 bottles instead of 5 bottles. When I called them up and informing that I’m going to return, they promised to send the remainder bottles and will refund me the money . it’s more than a month and I have not receive it. It’s a nightmare talking to their customer service . They are base in Philippines and they just followed the script . It’s really frustrating .

    The product does not work . Really disappointed .

    Reply ↓
  13. hi all
    i hv purchased online and received 5 x60cps of the abv product. sadly being muslim i cant consume as it stated ’other ingredient, calcium carbonate and gelatine. i not able to verify d source of the gelatine….therefore i am selling it away. anyone keen pls email me. tq

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  14. i tried Garcinia Blast and pure bio cleanse. i ordered it last June 2014 and it arrived after 2 weeks; good for 2 months. i took the last capsules yesterday and still no change in my weight or anything. i was expecting to see changes on the 1st week and yet up to the last capsules there has been no result or changes in my body.

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