Garcinia Body Pro Review

Garcinia Body Pro Review

Having come across the ‘risk free trial’ offer for Garcinia Body Pro I thought it best to review this supplement to see whether it is worth your effort signing up.

Is this supplement as effective as it is claimed to be and is it really free? There are very few trial offers that are actually free.

Claimed benefits of Garcinia Body Pro

The claimed benefits of Garcinia Body Pro are as follows:

  • Lose weight without changing your diet
  • Shed belly fat
  • Boost metabolism
  • Suppress appetite

At first glance this all sounds very impressive, however I am a little dubious about its claim that it works without you having to make any dietary changes.

Even if true I would never recommend this approach to weight loss as no doubt once you stop using the supplement the weight will surely return.

Ingredients found in Garcinia Body Pro

Before trying any supplement you should always check to see what it contains so it is pleasing to see that the makers of Garcinia Body Pro have listed every ingredient that it contains.

What is less pleasing is that the percentage of HCA present is certainly not the highest at just 50%. There are plenty of alternatives that offer a higher percentage, therefore being more effective.

Is Garcinia Body Pro really free?

If you were wondering whether Garcinia Body Pro is free or not then I am afraid to tell you that not one aspect of this trial is free, despite what is claimed on the website.

When ordering your ‘free trial’ there will be an initial £2.95 charge made to your account (for shipping) plus a further £0.95 for insurance.

This wont be the end of the charges either as 14 days later the full price of the trial will be revealed to you; a whopping £89.78 charge.

As Garcinia Body Pro operates an auto-ship program this wont be the end of your troubles either as every month further charges will be made to your account for the delivery of new packages.

This will continue until your cancel your subscription.

Is Garcinia Body Pro a scam?

Trial offers such as this have a bad name for a reason as those who sign up will likely feel as though they have been scammed.

If the prices of the product were available for view (not hidden in the T&Cs) then I doubt there would be many people trying this product.

My suggestion would be to look for a cheaper (and better) alternative.

How to cancel your trial?

To cancel your trial you will need to contact Garcinia Body Pro, you can do this using one of the following methods:

Phone: +44 (0) 870 820 0460
Email: support@getgarciniabodypro.com or billing@getgarciniabodypro.com

If you have signed up for the trial and wish to write your own review of your experience then please do so using the comment form below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Garcinia Body Pro

Our recommended alternative to Garcinia Body Pro is a supplement called Garcinia Pure.

It contains a higher percentage of HCA, so is a more effective product. Yet comes at a cheaper price (just £39.99 for a months supply).

You can buy this supplement outright from Evolution Slimming, and as there is no trial option there is no need to worry about experiencing any hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

6 comments on "Garcinia Body Pro Review"
  1. Absolute waste of time!

    Signed up for the trial, no email to notify the trial as coming to an end like you normally get with trials so I was then charged two payments of £39.78 the next month and the products were not shipped out to me as apparently I owed another £50 to them.

    Emailed them to solve it and they refused to give me a refund even though I had not been shipped the products and they said they would not cancel my account until they received the £50.

    I am still trying to solve this as I now fear that I have been charged again this month after emailing the support team back and fore to try and solve it and get a refund.
    Complete scam if I say so myself, do not even bother with them! Forever living do garcinia capsules and they are amazing so I would recommend them before this complete waste of time of a company.

  2. How could i really stop this?
    Because i also received twice already amounting to €84.95 each month, wondered why when i didn’t even order one after the “free trial”. Had i not come across your comments, would not know it is a scam.
    Thank you

  3. Like others I have to say that this is a total scam. Sadly it seems that the scam is legal. I just phoned the company to advise them that I wished to cancel my account. the operative said that my account was now cancelled but that i would be receiving an email which i need to respond to to ensure that my account is cancelled!
    As soon as the £89.78 x 2 charges came out of my bank account i contacted my bank’s fraud department and advised them. They have written to me to say that should any further charges come through from the Company they will ensure that these are refunded to me.
    It would be good to find a way of stopping these characters from scamming others.

  4. how do I cancel this trial, I have ordered them without relizing they then charge you a month later! Can anyone help??

  5. My wife ordered these supplements through an advert on facebook. We were charged an initial postage and insurance fee between £5- £10. She received the supplements 12days after order and we were then charged a whopping £179 just 2 days later which we later found out coincided with the 14day trial period. When we questioned the company they reiterated to us about the 14 day trial period. We were able to cancel the subscription and through various correspondence they have offered a 30% refund. We have declined this as we feel the mitigating circumstances on the grounds of when the order was placed then shipped and received did not allow my wife to even trial the product. We still have a unused sealed product. I have tried to look for leaving a review on their own website but conveniently they don’t offer this option. I am taking it upon myself to fight these sharks and would warn anybody out there not to even think about placing an order. It’s a scam!!!!

  6. I too have just become a victim of this awful scam. Personally, I think if is fraud as I was not even aware that I was signing up as part of a trial. It was a free sample ( though Facebook) and the payments were for postage! Suddenly almost a month later, the company have taken two payments of £89.78 (£168.56) from my account! I think it’s criminal that not more is done about these outright thieves! when I tried to contact them , they hung up on me!

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