Is Garcinia Life Plus a scam?

Is Garcinia Life Plus a scam?

Garcinia Life Plus (often referred to as Lose Weight Garcinia) is a supplement that claims to be able to “strip away and burn fat fast”, which is quite a claim.

Can this supplement live up to its own hype or will it be yet another supplement that fails to live up to its own high expectations?

In this review we will look at its ingredients and its cost to see what the overall package is like and whether we would recommend it or not.

Other claims made by Garcinia Life Plus

Garcinia Life Plus offers the following benefits:

  • Enjoy life to the fullest
  • Transform your body quick and easy
  • Burn fat around the clock

Apparently Garcinia Life Plus also works without diet or exercise, which personally I would not recommend.

Even if true it is recommended that you get regular exercise and to eat healthily in order to keep the weight off long-term.

Regardless, we will need to look at its ingredients to check just how accurate these claims are.

Ingredients found in Garcinia Life Plus

While it is clear that Garcinia Life Plus is made using Garcinia Cambogia, what is less clear is just how much of it is present.

Unfortunately there is no mention of its dosages or if there are any other ingredients present in its formula.

This not only makes me doubt its impressive claims, but also has me thinking that could there be potentially dangerous ingredients present? Without a label there is just no way of knowing.

Price of Garcinia Life Plus

As with most trial offers the true price of Garcinia Life Plus is hidden away in its terms and conditions.

Upon reading them I can see why signing up to this trial offer may not be the best idea.

Even though the initial sign up fee is low (just $4.95), after 14 days you will soon realise that this product is perhaps a little overpriced when a second charge is made to your account. This time for $79.95.

As is the case with all auto-ship programs this wont be the end of your troubles as signing up for the trial allows the manufacturer to send further monthly packages along with the bill.

Is Garcinia Life Plus recommended?

The lack of ingredient information puts serious doubts regarding its effectiveness, while the product itself is overpriced too.

With these two facts at hand my recommendation would be to look for an alternative.

How to cancel the trial

The contact details you should use to cancel the Garcinia Life Plus trial are as follows:

Phone: 1-888-391-2381
Email: info@garcinialifeplus.com

If you have signed up for this trial and wish to leave a short review then please do so by filling in the contact form below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Garcinia Life Plus

If you are looking for an alternative to Garcinia Life Plus then my suggestion would be Garcinia Pure (sold online by Evolution Slimming).

This particular supplement contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA, which makes it a particularly effective weight loss supplement that will surely aid your own efforts.

A months supply will cost $60, with no auto-shipping, meaning the price you see onsite is the price you will pay.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

11 comments on "Is Garcinia Life Plus a scam?"
  1. This company is a rip off. You sign up for your FREE trial offer and they send you the product. You call to cancel and they try talking you into staying in the program, telling you they can reduce your cost per month from $69.95 to just $59.52, you tell them NO they continue to try to get you to keep getting the product and tell you they can offer it for a lower price, you again tell them NO CANCEL MY ORDER I DO NOT WANT THIS, they then tell you they can give it to you for just $14.95 per month, you tell them that NO MATTER HOW LOW YOU GO YOU DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE RECEIVING THE PRODUCT SO PLEASE CANCEL THIS ORDER SO YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANY MORE, they continue to argue with you and then hang up on you. You call back get a different person and explain that you want to cancel and you tell them what you just went through with the other representitive and they “LOOK IT UP” and tell you that they see that the other rep was in the process of canceling your order and that they wi make sure it got canceled. They are nice to you and go through the steps of cancelation with you, you ask for a cancellation confirmation number and they give you a number, they assure you your order is canceled and you don’t need to do anything else, you will not be billed for anything else. The cancelation number ends up being your order number. They bill your bank for $69.95 for the product, they also try to bill my bank one day after the $69.95 charge for 59.52 twice, once for each product (the garcinia plus and the colon cleanse) luckily I did not have the funds to cover the billing then they try to bill my bank account for $49.95 two days later again i did not have the funds luckily. I call to dispute the charges with the company and they tell me my so called FREE PRODUCT was not free after all. After the trial even IF YOU CALL AND CANCEL you will be billed. They will also tell you your account is active and you never called and canceled your order. You then have to call your bank and explain the situation and put in a fraud report, cancel you bank card so they will not try charging anything else to your account and get a new card. If you want to give your many away, be charged for so called FREE PRODUCTS, and even after calling and canceling the order in a timely manner TWICE then here it is. This company will do that for you and more. Please help to shut them down. THEY ARE THIEVES!

    • When you received the trial products did you return them back to sender and how long after you got the products did they start charging your account repeatedly

    • What was the number you called? This is happening to me

  2. I would not recommend this business to anyone and will warn everyone I know not to do business with this website because of very, very poor customer service. I was charged on the day I canceled future shipments at 2 am and I called that day. How can you submit for payment in the middle of the night so it can’t be stopped that day? Then when I called to ask for a refund the individual didn’t attempt to work with me on some mutual agreement and refused to let me speak with another individual. So disappointed in the service I received.

  3. Please be aware that this is big scam….I was one of the victim and never get a refund no matter how you beg them…..Please do not accept any free trial because it is not true..its a scam

  4. I signed for the trial offer. Shortly after my account was hit for $180. and I never received the product. I called immediately after the large charge and cancelled any further shipments–quoting price as my reason. Immediately the person I reached offered to give me first a 25% discount, then when I insisted on cancellation, she offered me 50% off. Do not get sucked in! You will not get your money back and you will be lucky if you receive the second shipment that they are more than willing to take the money for but no twilling to rectify.

  5. cancel this shit. they’re dishonest and stealing thieves.

  6. Never buy from a site that wants a credit card for a “free” trial. You can get the same thing for much less (1000mg Garcinia Cambodia, 60% HCA) from a local supplement store. On The Vitamin Shoppe website, it is only $9.99 and buy one get one 50% off until the end of the month!

  7. The “supervisor” I spoke with was the worst customer support person I’ve ever encountered. Used the word “boom” when he was arguing with me over whether or not my wife e-mailed them before the 14th day to cancel. Dropped the F bomb right before he hung up on me.

  8. this is a scam.

  9. The biggest scam ever… decietful scammers.. quick to take ur money.. no problem there.. to cancel. It’s an eternity.. sons of bitches.. free trial my ass..they immediately started charging credit card at they own will..no calls, emails, or texts.. just charged the card..

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