Garcinia Plus 100 – Is this trial offer a scam?

Garcinia Plus 100 – Is this trial offer a scam?

Garcinia Plus 100 is yet another supplement created to cash in on the popularity of Garcinia Cambogia, the fat burning ingredient first brought to the attention of the general public due to its appearance on the Dr Oz Show.

So what sets Garcinia Plus 100 apart from the hundreds of other Garcinia Cambogia supplements? The following review will discover this for you.

Claimed benefits of Garcinia Plus 100

This supplement has claims that we have seen time and again, in fact it seems as though the same website template is being used to promote this product.

These claims include:

  • Rapid absorption for maximum results
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Naturally effective for all metabolisms

As we have said time and again in past reviews it is best to ignore claims such as these and to instead look at facts.

For example, what does Garcinia Plus 100 contain? If its ingredients are up to scratch then it will most certainly be an effective weight loss tool. However, we would need to check what these ingredients are before we comment further.

Ingredients found in Garcinia Plus 100

While it is clear that this supplement contains Garcinia Cambogia there is no label nor any mention of its HCA content.

This is disappointing as it is this HCA percentage that will show you what quality the Garcinia Cambogia is.

Typically the HCA percentage will be over 50%, but the recommended amount is 60%.

Also, without being able to view a label it is impossible to see if there are any filler ingredients or potentially dangerous ingredients present in the formula.

Price of Garcinia Plus 100

As Garcinia Plus 100 is available for trial I would suggest to you that you read the terms and conditions to ensure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

If you do not read these T&Cs you will not know that just 14 days after signing up you will be charged the full purchase price of $89.95, or that should you fail to contact them regarding the trial you will be automatically signed up to an auto-ship program.

This means that every month you will be sent a further bottle of capsules, which of course will need to be paid for.

Is Garcinia Plus 100 a scam?

A lack of ingredient information and the high cost will likely lead people to believe that Garcinia Plus 100 is a scam.

The truth is that trial offers are rarely worth your time and effort. Usually they use the same tactics as this trial offer, which will no doubt leave those who sign up for the offer annoyed and feeling as though they have been scammed.

Our advice would be to avoid trial offers, or at the very least ensure you know what you are signing up for.

As things stand we cannot recommend Garcinia Plus 100, we suggest that you look for an alternative if you are looking for a little extra help with your weight loss efforts.

Contact details for Garcinia Plus 100

To cancel your trial you will need to use the following contact information:

Phone: 1-888-795-1757
Email: support@garcinia100plus.com

If you have signed up for this offer please leave a message below. I am sure others would like to hear about your experiences.

Alternative Garcinia Cambogia supplement

If you are put off by the high cost of the above trial, but are still looking for a little help with your own weight loss efforts then I suggest you pay a visit to the Evolution Slimming website.

Garcinia PureThey have a variety of supplements available that can aid your efforts, but our suggestion would be Garcinia Pure. A supplement made from 100% natural Garcinia Cambogia.

It contains 1,000 mg of this fat burning ingredient, with the recommended 60% HCA. No wonder those who have used it are so pleased with their weight loss results.

Using Garcinia Pure will ensure you experience the following benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Less body fat produced
  • Fewer food cravings between meals
  • Lower cholesterol levels

As Garcinia Pure is not available for trial, the price you see is the price you pay ($61 for a months supply), with no hidden charges or auto-shipping.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure



6 comments on "Garcinia Plus 100 – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. I am not trying to lose weight but heard the words “increased endurance’ and fell for this scam. It just took me 15 minutes to even get them to CANCEL the shipments.They charged my cc $94.90 and will not reverse it because “…if you had read the website, it says you are signing up for a trial….” The only thing I read were the words on the advertisement. As written above, without a label, there could be potentially dangerous ingredients. I trashed the bottles of Garcinia Plus 100, the Green Coffee 180 as well as the ‘complimentary Ultimate Flush 100 colon cleansing.” I would not dare try these products for ANY reason.
    Oh yes, they also tried to charge $19.99 to cancel the order, until I said I was reporting them to the appropriate agency. Since there is no ‘agency’ for health products, this is a perfect web to share these unfortunate experiences.

  2. once again please further orders as I have already cancelled and wanted to be refunded so please do so with confirmation of cancellation and refund as promised as I have contacted MC to no longer accept any charges


  3. Total scam! Trial offer didn’t cancel. Wasn’t sure if I liked or didn’t like the product yet. Not enough time. Then was charged for a second month in which I never received the product. Called and spoke to many representatives and even a manager and was hung up on repeatedly. Total scam. Beware of awful people stealing your money.

  4. I paid $9.90 2 weeks ago and received nothing, now a charge appeared on my card today for $130……
    I have emailed them, but will call my bank tomorrow to stop this…… unbelievable

  5. total scam. after free ‘trial’, i’ve been charged twice, over $100 each time, without consent. charges come through bank with different business name each time. all web links are dead ends. no one answers phones either. have to change credit card numbers to kill order

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