Should you trial Garcinia Prime?

Should you trial Garcinia Prime?

Garcinia Prime is a Garcinia Cambogia supplement available for trial that claims to help you to “start losing the fat now”.

How does this supplement work and would we recommend it? These and many other questions will be answered in this review.

Claimed benefits of Garcinia Prime

Garcinia Prime offers the following benefits:

  • Helps stop fat production
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Increases serotonin levels (helps cut emotional eating)

When looking at dietary supplements it is easy to get carried away by claims, however my recommendation to you would be to not rush into any hasty decision.

Claims are easy to make, yet backing them up with proof is a lot more difficult. Therefore I suggest before you sign up for this particular trial offer you take a minute to check what ingredients it contains.

Ingredients of Garcinia Prime

While it would be nice to see a label of the product, it does mention on its website that the supplement contains Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA.

With this information at hand I can see some weight loss benefit of using this supplement. Of course you will still need to eat healthily and get regular exercise for best results, and to maintain any weight loss once you discontinue its use.

Price of Garcinia Prime

The main problem I can see with Garcinia Prime is its price, which may come as a surprise to those who would expect it to be cheap as it is after-all just a trial.

Well, while you only need to pay $4.95 when you first signup this only covers the shipping cost and is certainly not the full purchase price.

Just 14 days after the initial signup you will soon discover why trial offers have such a bad name, as you will be charged $89.95.

This wont be the end of the charges either as every month after further charges will also be made to your account.

Is Garcinia Prime a scam?

The problem with many trial offers is that they hide their payment terms in their T&Cs. This is the case with Garcinia Prime, so although they are not doing anything illegal they are certainly being a little unethical.

This is why trial offers like Garcinia Prime are best avoided and is certainly why we would expect to see a number of customer complaints from those who have been caught out by this offer.

Contact details for Garcinia Prime

To contact Garcinia Prime or to cancel your trial before you are charged I would suggest using the following phone number: 888-613-5155

There is also an email address you may want to try too: cs@trygarciniaprime.com

Please leave a message below if you have been caught out by this trial offer.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Garcinia Prime

A more cost effective alternative to Garcinia Prime would be a supplement available online from Evolution Slimming.

Its name is Garcinia Pure and it too contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA, making it an effective supplement for weight loss.

Unlike Garcinia Prime though, this supplement is not being offered for trial so there are no hidden charges. A months supply is just $60.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

37 comments on "Should you trial Garcinia Prime?"
  1. I ordered this product for 4.95 along with the Prime African Mango cleanser for 5.95 when I received it the only paperwork that came with it was the packing list! No instructions for usage or anything saying this was a 14 day trial and that I would be charged 89.95 and 79.95. Really is 14 days enough time for me to decide if it works?? NO it isn’t!! This is a total ordering scam. So when I saw the charges on my bank statement I called them. This is when I was told that I needed to cancel in 14 days or be charged the full price!! When I said I wanted a full refund they began to offer a 15% then 20% then 50% and finally told me that I could get a full refund by sending back the unused portion and after they receive it my money would be refunded in 7 to 10 business days . I am sending via USPS today 5/21/15 overnight requiring a signature but I dont know if this is possible(the signature) since they gave a PO Box. So now I wait!!

    • I definitely have been scammed! And when you call that number they hang up on you after choosing to speak to a representative. How do I get in contact with someone!?

    • What was the number you used to talk to somebody

      • I used it and canceled it I didn’t get the full refund. I finished the bottle and I lost 30 pounds in that one
        month. The number on the bottle I called and spoke with some one. In fact I tried calling them to reorder. They said I had to go back to Website. 1-888-613-5155. It is 1:14 am 2/7/17 and I just got off the phone with them.

    • I used it and canceled it I didn’t get the full refund. I finished the bottle and I lost 30 pounds in that one
      month. The number on the bottle I called and spoke with some one. In fact I tried calling them to reorder. They said I had to go back to Website.

  2. No one answer the phone !!! You are not allowed now or anytime in the future to withdraw money from my account. This email serves as notice that account is cancelled and you no longer have any authorization to withdraw money… This is a shady operation…DO NOT use this company, no form of contact available..

    Van Swanson

    • This website is not associated with Garcinia Prime or any other trial offer. Leaving a message here will not reach them so I suggest you try contacting them or your bank.

  3. I totally agree 14 days is not enough time to decide if the product works. The customer service reps are very rude and I believe not even from this country, For 89.95 there should be a money back guarantee , when not seeing that anywhere. I should have realized it was a scam.

  4. The customer service reps don’t speak english very well. They would not let me speak with anyone higher up. “They don’t take calls”. I cancelled within 14 days and they charged me a full month for the garcinia as well as the mango prime which I never ordered. I am out over $150.00.
    They finally started to offer a 15% refund. Don’t use this offer it is definitely a scam

  5. I’ve just called the company at 1-888-614-0662 and cancelled my “membership”. Then I spoke with a customer service rep. who tried to make me believe that I was “aware” of the charges. I told her I was not aware and I would be contacting my bank to refuse these charges. I advised her that this is a scam and I was not the only one that had complaints, according to other’s remarks that I’ve found online.
    I did rec’, on my front porch, another shipment today from usps and will be returning in the same packaging.
    Headed to my bank in the A.M. with this printout and my statement that says the money will not be released until the 12th…today is the 10th. Wish me luck!
    Word to the wise……….do NOT order this crap! It doesn’t work and the offer is bogus!

  6. I would like to let u know.
    I want to cancel Garcinia Prime.
    Please stop to sent to me again .

  7. I ask for a trial and automaticlly was charged for a suscription for something you don’t even want. Please don’t believe on this kind of scam, because a was charged almos $200.00 for something probably end up in the garbage.

  8. I want claim my trial order but say enter valid email address, the email address is correct:
    My email is :vamagra@gmail.com but don’t go Tru

  9. It has not been 14 days since signing up for this trial and I was charged over $200 dollars for this. Every time I try to contact customer service it hangs up on me.

  10. It’s a scam. I just got my trail product and they charged my account before the 14 days. Customer service number doesn’t work and they hang up on you when you opt for a representative. Totally bogus and they say your are canceled but I am going to the bank in the AM to make sure they don’t get anymore money. 🙁

  11. These people are just a bunch of crooks! Who wouls see miraculous results in 14 days!! And I know. I did not see anywhere that another order would be automatically shipped or I definitely would not have ordered this product..listen up people..this product does NOT work!! Had to order new cards to be sure this does not happen again!!!

  12. Wow, we just learned what a big scam this is. Stupidly I ordered the free sample and didn’t see the fine print. On the 14th day I cancelled any further business and 2 days later they charged our account. We are off to the bank for new cards so they can’t get anything else from us.

  13. I have been robbed, like an idiot I figured “hey why not it’s free”. I only wanted to try the garcinia prime and they threw in African Mango, which I didn’t want and now I am out $169.90. My bank cancelled my card and sent me a new one. They investigated and found no error so no money! And I see that some of these comments are date way back to January 2015. Wish I would have seen this page first! I need an address to return the bottles and I can’t find one.

  14. Definitely a scam. I did not know it until I got my credit card statement. They charged 79.95 and
    89.95. I called and cancelled but still got another bottle and was charged 94.90. My bank had to
    Cancel my card and issue another. They are crooks cheating people out of their money.

  15. Please do not send anymore of your products. I do not have anymore money coming in for a while therefore I won’t be able to pay for more. When I am able I will let you know. Please do as I ask and stop sending anymore. I will be very great tip if you will do this for me. I am not able to pay for the pkg I received today. Please please please stop . Sincerely, Ruth Woolard.

  16. Like some of you guys commenting, I ordered the “free” sample of Garcinia Cambogia Prime and paid the $4.95 shipping and handling along with some of the African Mango with a $5.95 shipping and handling (same size bottle as the Garcinia – imagine that). True to form, they charged me $89.95 and $79.95 respectively 14 days later. I always read these offers up to the time that they ask for your banking information, and I did not see the “fine print” (if it was even there). Since I have no proof, I am stuck with two bottles of pills that don’t work for a whopping $180. I have bought a lot of prescription drugs for less than that. I called their number that they did answer (877-373-4911), and the guy was cordial to me even though I was furious about the whole situation. He cancelled my “membership” that I did not know existed, and I am writing the whole thing off as a bad experience. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t do the sample deal; it is a SCAM to get your banking information. If they have your credit card info, please call and cancel your card, and get a different number. If you have already been sucked into this SCAM, you have my sympathy –but get busy to protect yourself from future charges!!!!!

  17. I ordered on 11/29, was charged on my account, however never received any product.

  18. Total Scam. exactly 14 days after i ordered what i thought i read as the free trial, i received charges for 79.95 for product i didn’t know i ordered and didn’t want and 89.95 for the product i thought i was trialing for free. i did not see any terms about a subscription that had to be cancelled in 14 days. I did contact their customer service and a gentlemen answered. I did get the subscription canceled and i supposedly i will get a refund but don’t trust them. If i do not get the refund i will be filing a formal complaint with the BBB. i will be changing my card number.

  19. I just ordered the trial but I dont have a checking account or credit card. I used a prepaid VISA gift card. They cannot charge anything further from the card because theres nothing on the card to take. So, if it doesnt work, then Im literally only out $5.94.

  20. SCAM SCAM SCAM… Just like all the other reviews here, I was totally lied too and got scammed by these people who are advertising 4.95 “”FREE TRIAL “” I ordered the Garcinia prime and right away I should have known that something was shady about this company when I was charged 4 the African mango along with the Garcinia Prime. I did not order the African Mango but I was charged $5.95. When my package arrived it was literally two bottles in a plastic bag taped together with my address on it no paperwork no instructions no return label nothing. 9 days after I received it I was charged $89.95 and also charge $79.95 . I was Furious and had no way to contact them … after calling my bank cancelling my card and a lot of research on the internet I found this page here with all the reviews and finally was able to reach the company today, but only bc of the kind people who wrote the number on this review site, so I’ll share it also, 1-877-373-4911. If u have been scammed by these people call this number!! Let me warn you when you talk to a representative they are going to try to make you believe that you were aware of the 14 day trial you continue to tell them the truth which is you had no idea,,, just like everyone else on here had no idea ,,,ask to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor will try to offer you 10% then 30% then literally offer their employee discount,, sad sad,, as long as you continue to say ABSOLUTELY NOT REFUSE THERE BS.. you will get your refund.. it took me about 30 45 minutes but in 3 to 5 days I should have my refund of the full amount. I did get emails today stating I was getting refunded for the 89.95 and the $79.95. I will post back on here once my money is been replaced but this is a sad situation I have to wait 7 to 10 days for new debit card and wait for the money to be refunded. People please do not fall for this scam you will be in the same situation as everyone else on here buyers beware..

  21. If anyone has any questions or would like to speak more on how I got the full refund, u may email me @ sugabme@gmail.com .. I would love to help ANYONE get there hard earned money back from these sad sad people, who lie and steal from people who are just looking for a way to help with something simple as a diet..

  22. I also ordered the 14 day trial prime Garcinia, and called to cancel it before I received the package. I got an automated machine and canceled no problem except they charged me $49.00 to cancel!!! I don’t know anything about the product yet but I would never order from this company again. I hit the option to speak with a operator and got someone that said I canceled on the automated system and she could not take off the charges. I insisted to speak with a supervisor and after a brief argument she got back on the phone and said charges would be reversed in a couple of days, but I couldn’t cancel for 30 days. I know better than to do free trials, so I blame myself. Sad state of affairs.

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