Should you sign up for the Garcinia Replenish trial offer?

Should you sign up for the Garcinia Replenish trial offer?

Using Garcinia Replenish is claimed to help you to “start losing the fat now”, but how does it do this?

We have seen similar claims in the past from other supplements made available for trial, so what sets this offer apart from the rest.

Previous reviews have shown that these types of offer are best avoided, as often there are hidden charges and auto-shipping involved. Whether this is the case with this trial offer though remains to be seen.

In the following review we will look at this offer in more detail before we come to our own conclusion.

Claims made by Garcinia Replenish

The following claims have been made on the Garcinia Replenish website:

  • Helps stop fat production
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Increases serotonin levels

To be fair these claims sound good on paper, however before you rush into signing up for this offer I suggest you spend a little time checking to see how accurate these claims are.

The easiest way to do this would be to look at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in Garcinia Replenish

First off there is no label present, so there is no way of knowing the actual dosages of any ingredients used.

What we do know though is that the main ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia with the recommended 60% dosage of HCA.

While this is a good sign, we would still like to know a little more about any other ingredients present, which we can only do by looking at its label.

Price of Garcinia Replenish

The cost of Garcinia Replenish is not immediately clear, as like so many other trial offers before it the price is not on show on the main sales page.

Having looked at the terms and conditions of the offer though I can reveal that at the end of the 14 day trial period you will be charged $89.92, with further monthly packages to be expected too.

Yes, that is correct, Garcinia Replenish is yet another trial offer that leads onto an auto-ship scheme.

Is the Garcinia Replenish trial offer a scam?

There are serious issues with this trial offer. There are certainly doubts surrounding the ingredients used, and the price is much too high.

My suggestion to you would be to look for an alternative.

Contact details for Garcinia Replenish

To cancel the trial you will need to contact Garcinia Replenish using the following phone number: 1-877-446-3357

There is also an email address you may want to try too: admin@garcinia-replenish.com

Please leave a message below if you have tried this supplement yourself.

Alternative Garcinia Cambogia supplement

Garcinia PureInstead of wasting your time with expensive trial offers, instead pay a visit to the Evolution Slimming website.

While they have a number of good quality products, our suggested alternative to the above trial would be Garcinia Pure.

This supplement contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with the recommended 60% amount of HCA, meaning that the following benefits will be experienced:

  • Weight loss
  • Less body fat produced
  • Fewer food cravings between meals
  • Lower cholesterol levels

You can buy a months supply for $61, with no auto-shipping or hidden charges as it is not available for trial.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure


34 comments on "Should you sign up for the Garcinia Replenish trial offer?"
  1. I wanna cancel my trial offer. Cant get ahold of you to do so.

    • This website has no link to any trial offers. You will need to use the contact details listed above to contact Garcinia Replenish.

    • Ccancel this pills..ok

    • this is my 2nd time cancelling this product. i was hung up on by one young man when i asked for my money back. then i called back and a lady told me no more new products would be shipped which was untrue. i just got another bottle today and you are still billing me. another lie. i want all my money back for this product and i advise you not to use my account again. i do hope i don’t have to sue you.

  2. I’m canceling my trial offer

  3. Yes, cancel it is whatever I signed up for too.

  4. When you called you did not tell me anything about charging my account more after the trial offer. Please cancel it and refund my money. Also cancel the purifying Cleanse . Thanl you for disrupting my account for my bills that are more inportant

  5. I called and cancelled my auto ship for Garcinia Replenish and they were very nice about it. I had to call and cancel the Purifying Cleanse separately at a different number 877-460-0661 and again they were very nice at their customer service department. I wish they had told about the auto-ship and billing in the trial offer.

  6. They charged me 3 times. Once for $4.95 “shipping” which was supposed to be free. Then $1.99 for I don’t know what along with $89.92 today for a 14-day trial. I didn’t have the product which is #60 capsules to try. By my calculations plus shipping info on the crap, I should never have been charged anything. I called to cancel as soon as I saw the charge hit my acct and got a bs a run ahead!!

    • The products aren’t good, they sent a free trial for 4.99 after 14 days they charged 89.92 for the garcinia replenish and 79.92 for purifying cleanse, I cancel my free trial order but, they don’t give my money back.

  7. How do we cancel with this company? I order the trail and now being charged. Did not authorize.

  8. i have all the same complaints as above. Clearly this is just another scam with hidden fees, well maybe not completely hidden but I*m sure if I had seen the complete cost of this on same page as the false working product I never would have ordered. The price of this stuff is ridiculous and it made me feel bad and hungry. Do you not guarantee your product? You really should refund charges that are automatically charged to your account for good decent customer service

  9. hi I recently ordered the trial ofer of Garcinia Cambodia from the site privide in this picture and it told me I only had to pay for the shipping and then when I went to check my account I was charged 4 different times about 50 dollars I want to cancel my order and have my money refunded please as it Charged me $4.95 converted to $6.69 I guess of the price difference between Canada and the states that was the price of the Garcinia and then it also said order this extra product to increase metabolism called phen375 I think that cost $5.95 again with the price change came to $ 8.05 and then I got changed for 2 extra things costing $1.99 converting to $2.69 canadian and also something that cost $19.99 U.S. Converting to $27.02 and no where on the site was I told I would be charged extra for other thing or no were on the site did I click on for something that cost those 2 prices . So please cancel my order and refund my money Thank you .

  10. I also got the link connected with this product for the purifying cleanse how do I connect them. And we’ll they refund my money .

  11. Thanks for the article. I’m working on cancelling with the info provided.

  12. Thanks to this website I was able to cancel

  13. What a bunch of thieves I canceled after they debited 180 from my account and they won’t refund the money! Very pissed off

  14. I’m getting charged this product and I never even ordered it they charged my card and took the money off and I never even ordered this this is a scam and I never buy pills over the internet

  15. Please cancel my order wright this minute . What do I have to do to return the unopened order
    So I want get charged any more.and credit my account

    • Please read the above review again, this webpage has no link to this or any other offer. There are contact details provided for you on this page, I suggest you try those.

  16. Please cancel order as I did not sign up for this all I asked for was a sample and my dockter does not want me to take these pills I have unopened bottles and need to return these and credit my account please cancel right this minute

  17. I will add to the information repeatedly provided above. THIS IS NOT THE SITE TO LOG YOUR REQUEST FOR CANCELLATION!!!! This is not the site to tell them you have an issue. YOU MUST CALL THE NUMBERS LISTED HERE. But note – as of today the Replenish Garcinia number 1-877-446-3357 is NO LONGER WORKING. You CAN call 1-877-730-4455 or 1-877-460-0661 and someone will answer (they are listed as Purifying Cleanse numbers but it’s the same scammy company). However, they will not allow you to cancel with no charge until exactly 30 days after you ordered. So you can call and find out when that date is and then call back on exactly that day – at which time they will charge you $90 for the bottle that you have in your hand and you will have to fight for a refund. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU DID NOT TAKE THE PILLS!!!!! If you want to cancel before then so that you do not get charged the $90 – you will have to pay $9.95 processing and then return the remaining portion at your expense. This is far cheaper than trying to get your $90 back. THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM. For the Purifying Cleanse (if you happened to get both) you only have 14 days for the same runaround. The person that I got on the phone the last time I called said that it was up to the discretion of the person that answers whether you will get a refund for the full amount that they will charge you. Some will – some won’t. So I think that you really want to avoid getting charged the full amount. I spent the processing fee and am returning at my expense because I don’t have time to waste fighting for the refund. I am hoping for the best (i.e. that they won’t charge me the full price anyway and I still have to fight for the refund). I asked this repeatedly on the phone and she said they would not. So you may want to consider spending the $9.95 and mailing costs and be done with them unless you have a lot of time to spend on the phone with them or can get your credit card to block their charges. Good Luck.

  18. Major scam. You will be charged big bucks for this “free trial.” Free my ***!!!


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